Find the right balance between spontaneity and planning your holiday in Bohinj. Find out which season suits you best, what not to miss and what to take into account in the Bohinj area. Find out how you can contribute to preserving the environment by using public transport, how to take advantage of the benefits of the Julian Alps Bohinj Card, what the current situation is like here and other useful information, that might help you organise efficiently.

For hiking enthusiasts, Bohinj, from the lowlands to the highest peaks, is an inexhaustible source of ever-new adventures. There is more than 300 km of marked hiking trails in Bohinj. For many of the trails in Bohinj, a good mood and a suitable hiker are enough, while others can be much more challenging.
All the latest information in Bohinj gathered in one place. Find out what you should know before coming to Bohinj and which festive events we have prepared for you.
From the Bohinj Cycling Route to the Juliana Bike touring bike venture, we are developing cycling for all generations in Bohinj.
The Panoramic Boat is no longer operating in 2022. A guided panoramic ride is an interesting complement to your activities, an exciting and educational adventure for the young ones and an ecological way to get to the other side of the lake.
Take time to discover the beauty of Bohinj and the unspoilt nature of the Triglav National Park. Explore our great offer of accommodation packages in Bohinj.
Information, reservations, purchase of maps and souvenirs... The Tourist information centers will be happy to help you plan your holiday.
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With the summer and winter Julian Alps: Bohinj Card, we encourage the use of more environmentally friendly forms of transport.
With long queues and conditions on the roads stealing time and nerves, freedom from the private car is increasingly moving to public transport. Check out the possibilities for green exploration of Bohinj.
Transport options and other useful information. By car, train or bus. There are many possibilities for a trip to Bohinj.
Frequently asked questions and other information. If you cannot find the question you have asked, please contact us.
Check the current air and water temperatures at various locations in Bohinj.
Check the current situation in Bohinj with live webcameras in different locations.
Runs daily from 24. 12. 2022 until 28. 2. 2023 to the Vogel ski resort, Soriška planina and Pokljuka. Free for Julian Alps: Bohinj card holders and citizens.
2. 4. 2022 - 1. 11. 2022 Save up to 30% with the Bohinj packages. Selected attractions of Bohinj are available from € 14 per adult.


You know the day by the morning, the locals love saying. But that’s not always true when it comes to hiking. Always double-check the weather conditions and the forecast and then adjust your equipment and goals accordingly. Official weather platform (with up-to-date warnings) is available here:

Bohinj traffic regime and information

Check availability of car parks and public transport options (with timetables of organised transport), road closures and locations of tourist info centres. For further details, go to, and you can also find suggestions for green mobility on our page Around Bohinj.

As sponsors, you will be able to choose the indicative location of the installation and the inscription on the Bohinj bench by Lake Bohinj.

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