August 8, 2018


The Ajdovski gradec hill is a very old archaeological site.

Strategically placed settlement of miners and ironworkers during the 7th century B.C. and the 6th century A.D.


Ajdovski Gradec is a 585-metre high hill, located south of the railway bridge across the Sava Bohinjka river near the village of Bohinjska Bistrica.

It is a very old archaeological site – an original settlement of miners and ironworkers in the Early Iron Age (700 – 300 years B.C.). The site was also settled during the Roman period (until 500 years A.D.). It shows clear remains of the foundations of buildings, blacksmith shops, and smelters. Archaeological excavations revealed 25 graves in the area.

Ajdovski Gradec is a Slovene symbol of independence and the freedom of the nation. Slovenia`s greatest poet France Prešeren sang its praises in his epic poem “Baptism at the Savica”. Every year on Prešeren’s Day, the members of the Gledališče 2B Theatre organise an interesting cultural event on Ajdovski gradec in honour of the great Slovene poet.


Take the footpath from Bohinjska Bistrica, pass the church and the Venturia factory – the second option is from the train station, also passing the Venturia factory, then go through the railway underpass and up Ajdovski Gradec. The walk takes around 45 minutes.


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