Late Summer Events and Festivities in Bohinj

Summer is slowly drawing to a close and autumn is inching closer. But it’s not quite over yet – there is still time to get outside and experience Bohinj at its best before the leaves start changing colour and colder temperatures set in.

Savour the final moments of summer with a range of activities and experiences in Bohinj across August and September. Join us on a journey through the final chapters of the season, as we explore the unique traditions, outdoor experiences and captivating festivals the region has to offer. We have put together a comprehensive calendar of the top local, cultural, musical and educational experiences that will ensure you end summer on a high note.


Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Slovenian Mountain Route

10th August – 6th September 2023

Despite being 70 years old, the Slovenian Mountain Route is still one of the most unique and challenging long-distance European hikes in Europe! The trail starts in Maribor and runs through the Pohorje Mountains, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karavanke Mountains, the Julian Alps and then descends through the foothills to the Kras Mountains, ending at Debeli Rtič. Discover this temporary exhibition, held in the Triglav National Park Center in Stara Fužina and organised by the Slovenian Alpine Museum and the Slovenian Mountaineering Association which is entirely dedicated to this route, the life and the sights along it. Celebrate its incredible numbers: 600km, 3 mountain ranges, 28 days, 49 mountain huts, and 21 peaks. Allowing those who discover it to experience alpine Slovenia from the Pohorje Hills to the Slovenian coast and everything in between, it is no surprise this is one of the most popular routes in the country.

More information here.


Get tails wagging at this paw-some dog camp

25-27th August 2023

Calling all dog owners and those who are about to become one! Join us at the 2023 Dog Camp held in Bohinj, a unique event that will offer an unforgettable experience for both dogs and their owners. With a focus on training, adventure, and bonding, the camp features three days of expert-led workshops that focus on things like tricks and dog care. Scenic hikes in the Slovenian countryside and stand-up paddleboarding with your pup will make sure the active and adventurous are satisfied! The organiser Katja Jemec will share her expertise, giving advice on travelling with a puppy, and other dog-expert guests will give lectures and workshops, ensuring you have a well-rounded educational experience. Guests will treasure their time at the dog camp forever with the complementary private photo shoot with yourself and your pup. The camp fosters a sense of community among dog enthusiasts, providing an opportunity for socialising and exchanging tips.

Tickets are €130, more information here.


Spectacular Saturday evenings in Stara Fužina

26th August 2023

Every Tuesday and Saturday evening throughout summer, the square in front of the cultural centre of Stara Fužina comes alive with music and Bohinj residents. Stalls bursting with culinary offerings, breweries and handicraft vendors appear from across the country and are accompanied by incredible performances from various Slovenian bands and musicians. On the 26th of August, the renowned Slovenian singer Anja Strajnar will perform hits of all genres and musical periods, so is sure to entertain all visitors!

More information here.


Cheer on the triathletes in the most epic sporting event in Slovenia!

26th August 2023

Set against the mesmerising backdrop of Lake Bohinj and the surrounding rugged mountains, this event encapsulates the spirit of endurance and exploration. During the CEBE Steelmen Triathlon, participants dive into the crystal-clear waters, pedal through scenic landscapes, and run along picturesque paths, all while immersing themselves in the stunning surroundings. Competitors are expected from all over Europe, including the Czech Republic, UK, Hungary, and Germany. For the first time in Bohinj, a quadrathlon will also be taking place, which also includes 8km kayaking to Ukanc bay and back! As athletes conquer each leg of the race, they forge a connection with Bohinj’s unspoiled charm, creating an unforgettable experience where sport and nature harmoniously unite. The CEBE Steelmen Triathlon in Bohinj is one of the most thrilling races in Slovenia, set among a captivating alpine setting.

More information here.


End summer the right way raising money for charity

26th August 2023

At the beginning of August, parts of Slovenia were sadly affected by catastrophic floods, which have been named the country’s worst-ever natural disaster. Although the majority of Slovenia has recovered and is safe to visit, end summer charitably by helping to raise money for those affected by the disaster. The charitable Rock Mountain event is a combination of all the best attributes of Bohinj: great music, delicious food and community togetherness. Musicians including Adi Smolar, Batista Cadillac and Hamo & Tribute 2 Love will perform during the event, keeping spirits high with their traditional music. The event will be catered by some of the top chefs in the region; Luka Čufar from Lajnar guesthouse, Primož Pintar from Tolc guesthouse and Jože Godec from Sunrose 7 will all contribute to the Open Kitchen. The proceeds from tickets sold to the Rock Mountain event will go directly to those affected by the floods.

Tickets are on sale until 25/08/2023. Concert – €23.90 / concert + daily ski pass – €29.90: purchase here

More information on the event here.


Explore Mostnice gorge and riverbed

29th August 2023

Exploring the Mostnice gorge and riverbed is a captivating journey into the beauty of nature.

Running in Bohinj every Tuesday since the 4th of July, this tour throughout the summer has allowed visitors to unveil a world of turquoise pools, cascading waterfalls, and moss-covered rock formations. Join us on the last guided tour of the Mostnice gorge at 10am on the 29th of August, where you will be able to admire the centuries-old gorge carved by the crystal-clear water, and the diverse flora and fauna of the area. Led by a Triglav National Park or Bohinj Tourism guide, you will get an expert insight into the Mostnice riverbed, which lasts 1-2 hours depending on group size. We invite you to embrace the river’s tranquillity and marvel at its geological wonders with us.

Tickets are €4 for adults and the entrance fee to the troughs is included, more information here and here.


Celebrate summer with Slovenia’s most unique tradition, the 65th Cow’s Ball

17th September 2023

Celebrated in Bohinj since 1954, the Cow’s Ball (or Kravji Bal) is one of the country’s most unique traditions. Traditionally, it celebrates the return of cattle and their shepherds to the valley after the summer season of grazing high up in the mountains. This year will be the 65th Cow’s Ball, and will return on the 17th of September with an all-day party filled with folklore performances, traditional ensembles, brass bands and accordion players, all topped off by local homemade food and drink.

Held in the idyllic village of Ukanc, Bohinj, watch the tradition unfold as the herders return with a ‘basenga’ over their shoulders (containing everything you need to live on the pastures and used to make cheese), bringing flower-decorated herds of cattle from the mountains. You can’t get a much more authentic alpine experience than these cultural cow festivities!

Tickets are €5, more information here.


Bohinj’s Traditional Saturday Market

Every Saturday

Delicious local produce is still on offer in Bohinj every week! From 8am-1pm, visit the market held in front of the Štrud’l Inn for all the From Bohinj/ Bohinjsko produce your heart desires. The Bohinjsko/From Bohinj brand highlights produce that is locally sourced, and guaranteed to be authentic and high-quality. Browse the variety of stalls selling local dairy and cheese products, fish, honey, salami, pastries and knitwear.

More information here.


Set within the alpine background of Bohinj, these events mean this summer is shaping up to be the best yet. Although this itinerary seems jam-packed, this is not even all Bohinj has to offer during the end of summer. For daily events and further information on all the events running in Bohinj, visit our events’ planner here.

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