Ajdovski gradec

Ajdovski gradec

Guided tour of Ajdovski gradec with an archaeologist to learn about life in Bohinj 2500 years ago
Ajdovski gradec is the name of an old settlement on a hill east of Bohinjska Bistrica. It was inhabited for over 1000 years – from the Iron Age until the decline of the Roman Empire. On the artificially levelled terraces were houses and smithies, protected by stone walls.


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  • Performed by ArheoAlpe, under the direction of Mija Ogrin, univ. dipl. archaeologist
  • Meeting point: Bohinjska Bistrica railway station
  • Duration: 1 – 2 hours
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Recommended equipment: sports shoes and clothing
  • Guiding can be adapted for older people and people with disabilities
  • Reservations required at [email protected]


  • 4 – 15 persons: 15,00 €/person
  • Groups of 16 persons or more: 10,00 €/person
  • Included: expert guidance, contents sheet


The tour of Ajdovski gradec starts at the foot of the hill, where you can learn about the brief history of Bohinj and how people lived in Bohinj during the Iron Age. How they built wooden houses, mined for iron and buried their dead across the river.
You will walk along the old walls, between buildings that are still standing, and learn about the past through illustrations and replicas of historical artefacts. The vantage point overlooking the Bitnje church and the prehistoric burial site reveals all the cleverness and deliberateness of the choice of location and method of construction in our past.


The epic poem The Baptism at Savica, by the greatest Slovenian poet Dr France Prešeren, is linked to Ajdovski gradec:
He with them who still claim the faith of the guilty,
flees there to Bohinj, to the Bistrica valley,
into a fortress built on a grey rock.
To this day you see a wreck,
which is called Ajdovski gradec
you see Črtomir’s property in it.

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