Fly fishing on the Mostnica brook and Sava Bohinjka river

Fly fishing on the Mostnica brook and Sava Bohinjka river

A complete experience with a professionally trained escort

A small gem with crystal clear water, full of troughs and waterfalls, called Mostnica. It contains only naturally wild fish specimens; brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout. Fly fishing on Mostnica is only allowed for five anglers per day and only with a catch-and-release licence.
Below the outlet of Lake Bohinj, the Jezernica and Mostnica rivers join to form the fast and clear Alpine river Sava Bohinjka. The crystal-clear Alpine “Živahnica” is a river of several districts that joins the Sava Dolinka at Lancovo. It is dominated by salmonids such as brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, chub and suckers. The Sava Bohinjka is not lacking in beautiful natural features, such as fast and deep pools, rapids and calm parts, where even the most demanding angler can find a part of the Sava suitable for fishing.


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  • Fly fishing on the Mostnica and Sava Bohinjka rivers approx. 8 hours
  • Meet and greet at the fishmonger’s shop – toast with a honey fairy toast
  • Fishing licence for the Mostnica district (includes the possibility to fish on the Sava Bohinjka for the same day)
  • Professionally trained companion
  • Lunch or dinner in a Bohinj-branded restaurant (on request)


  • Types of fishing: fly fishing
  • Fishing is permitted with a fly rod, one artificial fly and a barbless hook
  • Fishing season: 1. 6.-14. 11.
  • The district is managed by the Bohinj Fishing Family

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