September 14, 2018


A popular viewpoint that often replaces the visitors’ morning coffee.

Rudnica divides Bohinj into the Upper and the Lower valley. The top offers four different views of the surrounding area: Lake Bohinj, Srednja vas, Brod – Savica and Češnjica – Jereka. On the panoramic top of Rudnica you will find a box with a stamp and a visitors’ book. Rudnica can be reached via several routes.


  • Continuing the trail from the panoramic Peč (720 m)
  • From the village Stara Fužina
  • From Bohinjska Češnjica
  • From Srednja vas
  • From the village Brod


  • Altitude at the top: 946 m
  • The difference in altitude is slightly less than 400 meters
  • The entire trail is technically undemanding
  • Starting in Stara Fužina, the climb following the cart track takes approximately an hour
  • The round trip hiking trail (Stara Fužina – Senožeta – Rudnica – Stara Fužina) takes approximately: 2.5 hours
  • Parking: in Stara Fužina next to Levov most (Lev’s bridge) and next to St. Paul’s Church, on the parking lot of the Senožeta Sports Centre, on the parking lot at the entry point for the bike route in Brod


  • Due to its altitude Rudnica often reaches up through the fog in the valley
  • The top can be reached in all seasons (we recommend using appropriate gear in the wintertime)
  • Due to its central position it offers first-class views of the highest peaks in the Julian Alps
  • Its name originates in the former mining activities in Bohinj
  • It was permanently marked by ancient glaciers (steep slopes in the north, east and south)


»There are a few legends in Rudnica, which are slowly falling into oblivion.« One of them is about two giants that had once lived in Bohinj. One of them would stand on Studor, and the other one on Rudnica. They were accompanied by their sister. She must have been even taller than the two, since she used to put one foot on Studor and the other one on Rudnica in order to wash her laundry in the Ribnica river.

The name of the hill itself discloses it as a former mining center. And wherever there are mines and mine workers, there is also Perkmandeljc, a tiny, naughty dwarf, which loves to play tricks on mine workers. Namely, the underground was his kingdom. He would show up to mine workers and then disappear, preventing them to keep on digging.«  A quote from the notes of Jelena Justin (on Gore in ljudje website).


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