Rudnica is a 946-metre-high lookout hill that divides Bohinj into the Upper and Lower Bohinj valley. It can be reached in all seasons, and its height allows its summit to often rise above the mist in the valley.

The Rudnica forest peak rises right in the heart of Bohinj. The hill is accessible from almost all the villages of the Lower and Upper Bohinj Valley, and therefore offers numerous views of almost every corner of Bohinj.

From the top, you can admire a magnificent view of the Upper Bohinj Valley, its mountains and Senožeta, and on the way there, you can admire numerous views of Lake Bohinj, the two Bohinj Valleys and the mighty peaks rising above them.

Access to Rudnica

Rudnica is accessible from four scenic directions: Lake Bohinj, Stara Fužina, Brod and Srednja vas. At the top of Rudnica there is a box with a stamp and a registration book.

Rudnica was named after the ore that was once mined on its slopes. From the edge of the clearing, over which the path leads, the ore was lowered by cable car into the valley. The excavations made by the miners on the hill can still be seen along the path. Rudnica is also indelibly shaped by past glaciers (steep slopes to the north, east and south).

Rudnica is also known for its abundance of flora, including the Bohinj periwinkle, the symbol of the International Wild Flower Festival, which takes place every year in Bohinj. A guided botanical hike to Rudnica is also organised during the festival.

razglednik Rudnica, Bohinj

Tales and legends

“Rudnica also hides a few legends in its vaults, which are slowly fading into oblivion. In Bohinj, two giants were said to have lived, one stood on Studor, the other on Rudnica, with their sister keeping them company. She was probably even bigger than them, because she had one foot on Studor and the other on Rudnica to do the laundry in Ribnica stream. The name itself suggests that the hill was a mining centre, and where there are mines and miners, there is also Perkmandeljc, a small dwarf who annoys those who dig for ore. The underground world was his kingdom. He appeared to the miners and then disappeared again, preventing them from digging any further.” Quote from Jelena Justin’s post on the Gore in ljudje website.

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