Eco-Friendly Escapes in Bohinj: B&Bs, Cottages and Apartments

As the first region to receive a Slovenia Green Platinum Label, Bohinj is home to a host of sustainable activities, infrastructure and accommodations, making having an eco-friendly holiday hassle-free. With a wide range of sustainable accommodations on offer – from luxury chalets to idyllic streamside cottages – every price point and preference is catered for. Visitors to Bohinj will not need to compromise any of their vacation wishes when choosing accommodations that also look after the planet.

This blog will explore the most sustainable cottages, chalets, B&Bs and apartments across the Bohinj region. As well as providing a private and intimate escape, these places have been awarded Slovenia Green or From Bohinj certifications which emphasise their commitment to sustainability and local products. Responsible tourism becomes effortless with such an incredible offering of small, local, sustainable businesses to choose from!

Want to stay in a hotel or campsite during your visit to Bohinj? Head back over to our previous blog to choose which one will suit your stay the best.


Alpik Chalets


Alpik Chalets have been certified Slovenia Green Accommodation since June 2019. The accommodation offers modern, Alpine-style apartments with views overlooking the beautiful nature in Ukanc. With a range of sizes and equipment, they are suitable for a range of clientele from groups of 2-6. Furnished in a rustic, wooden style with charming, cosy interiors and lighting, they make the perfect romantic winter getaway, and are a particular favourite with couples. Alpik Chalets put a great emphasis on connecting with local suppliers and incorporating regional products. They offer a basket of local delicacies for breakfast and source materials from local suppliers.

Eco-friendly measures have been taken to increase the energy efficiency of the facilities as well as reduce water consumption. Lamps are energy-saving LEDs, energy-saving taps and shower heads were installed, and a water-to-water heat pump allows for a sustainable source of energy to heat the water.

Eco-friendly fact: At Alpik Chalets preserving the natural landscape and unspoiled nature has always been important. The furniture celebrates local craft, made from larch wood in a local factory and is inspired by Bohinj tradition. 

Certifications: From Bohinj, Slovenia Green

Public Transport Links: From Ljubljana, via Bled and Bohinjska Bistrica, a bus takes you to Ukanc almost every hour all year round. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this stop. The closest bus stop to the Chalet Apartments Alpik is Bohinj Ukanc/Zlatorog, just 100 metres away. 

Booking information: here


Cottage Suha

Nestled in the pristine nature of Triglav National Park and just 500 metres from Lake Bohinj lies Cottage Suha. It provides the perfect stay for large groups and families, with 22 beds in a variety of rooms including both 2-bed and multi-bed rooms. It has a large, fully equipped modern kitchen, as well as a living area. One of the visitor highlights is the garden, with large benches for picnicking and a grill, lots of space for outdoor activities and is surrounded by stunning views of green forest and mountains. Bring all your friends for a winter holiday here; just 7km from Vogel Ski Centre, the slopes are easily reached via the local Ski Bus service which runs during ski season.

Fully renovated in 2013, they applied for funding for sustainability improvements and received co-funding on an overhaul project that insulated the building, installed a power plant, waste compactor, energy-saving lighting and water-saving equipment in order to reduce all wastage. The friendly hosts love meeting people from near and far, and can advise on the best outdoor experiences and activities during your stay!

Eco-friendly fact: Cottage Suha applied to a scheme which supported small businesses in energy efficiency projects, successfully receiving funding of EUR 74.550,00 from the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund to install energy-saving measures.

Certifications: From Bohinj, Slovenia Green

Public Transport Links: With the bus stop Ribčev Laz right outside Cottage Suha, using public transport and links to Bled or Ljubljana are made easy. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this route.

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Apartment Bee House


Tucked away in the quiet Bohinjska Bistrica, this ideal retreat seamlessly blends apitherapy, honey massages, and a bee-themed apartment, creating a perfect haven for indulging in api tourism. It also serves as an excellent hub for exploring the enchanting landscapes of the Bohinj area and Triglav National Park. This 4 person apartment is spacious and comfortable, and is well-equipped for cold weather with a warming log burner and cosy interior.

Guests of the Apartment Bee House receive a discount on nearby api-wellness treatments, including fitting ‘honey massages’, meditations and api inhalations. Or, guests can just relax and observe the bees going about their daily activities from the garden. Api therapy is a branch of medicine using bee products, known to help respiratory problems and conditions like arthritis.

Eco-friendly fact: Slovenia is a country rich with beekeeping traditions, and Apartment Bee House is ensuring that these traditions are preserved, encouraging tourists to learn about the benefits of honey and the importance of bees to the ecosystem.

Certifications: From Bohinj

Public Transport Links: The Bohinjska Bistrica bus stop, 5 min away on foot from the apartment, is directly connected to Bled or Ljubljana as well as Bohinj lake and is the starting point for most seasonal buses during school holidays. The apartment can also be reached by train, with a short 15-min walk from Bohinjska Bistrica train station.

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Alpine Homestead

The idyllic Alpine Homestead is situated on the Pokljuka plateau, in a peaceful mountain village called Gorjuše. With six thematically decorated apartments, Alpine Homestead really does offer a traditional Slovenian homely experience. Each apartment tells a special story about traditional crafts that are part of the cultural heritage of Gorjuše. Guests can also use the shared kitchen, living room and other common areas on the property. Alpine Homestead prides itself on forming bonds, where special connections are made over a fireplace or dining table. They serve hearty, fresh, traditional food in the main kitchen, with a focus on homemade Slovenian dishes made from local ingredients. There are also wellness facilities for extra relaxation.

Between Bohinj and Bled, these apartments are close to civilization but far enough away to escape into nature. There are two beautiful viewpoints nearby: Vodnikov razglednik and Galetovec. You can reach both viewpoints on foot right from the homestead. One of the most scenic plateau’s in Slovenia, Pokljuka provides interest all year round: from winter cross country skiing and autumn mushroom picking to mountaineering and cycling on a variety of routes in the warmer months. During the school holidays, free shuttles run from Bohinjska Bistrica to Pokljuka via Gorjuše.

Eco-friendly fact: The furniture of the apartments are inspired by the forests that surround them, handmade by local craftsmen.

Certifications: From Bohinj

Public Transport Links: The bus stop Gorjuše is connected by direct buses a few times a day from Bohinjska Bistrica. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this stop on the route to Pokljuka.

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Hike and Bike Chalet


Located in the village of Stara Fužina, Hike and Bike Chalet has a picturesque location on the Mostnica River and is just a short walk away from Lake Bohinj. With room for up to 6 people, this cottage has 2 rooms each with 3 beds, as well as a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, garden and barbecue facilities. The outdoor area backs onto a fast-flowing crystal clear Mostnica stream, and is also home to an infrared sauna, making the garden a place of true relaxation. Life here is slow and peaceful.

As its name suggests, it makes a great starting point for walks and cycling excursions in the Bohinj countryside. Mostnica Gorge, the Bohinj mountains and pastures are all within reach, and the Juliana Trail, the Slovenian Touring Cycling Trail (STKP), and the Klodič Cycling Trail pass right near the house. As well as a number of different chalets, Hike and Bike are also a specialised tourism agency and help guests create perfect hiking or biking holidays. They offer a range of local experiences such as Schnapps tasting, evening torch walks and a Bohinj cheese tour, and also rent out bikes, encouraging guests to travel by two wheels.

Eco-friendly fact: The owners of Hike and Bike Grega and Maja are licensed hiking, mountaineering, cycling and forest therapy guides and will help guests create their own self-guided itineraries, or supervise a guided tour. Thez pay special attention to the presentation of the life of the locals and try to offer visitors experiences of the alpine world in a sustainable way. 

Certifications: From Bohinj, Slovenia Green Travel Agency

Public Transport Links: Every hour buses from Bohinjska Bistrica serve the bus stop Stara Fužina, just 100m away from the Chalet. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this stop.

Booking information: here

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