Eco-Friendly Escapes in Bohinj: Hotels and Camps

Nestled in the heart of Slovenia’s pristine Julian Alps, the picturesque region of Bohinj is a treasure trove of natural wonders. As a holder of the Slovenia Green Platinum Label, Bohinj is leading the way with their sustainability message and the development of a green infrastructure. Bohinj is home to multiple Slovenia Green Accommodation Scheme certified and From Bohinj certified properties which follow eco-friendly practices and are committed to sustainable development.

If you’re passionate about sustainable travel and eco-friendly practices, you’ll be delighted to know that Bohinj offers a range of green accommodation options that allow you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the area while minimising your environmental footprint. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of the best sustainable hotel and camping accommodations in Bohinj, ensuring your stay aligns with your commitment to preserving the planet.

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Camp Danica

Camp Danica is surely one of the most unique camping spots in the country; it is encompassed by serene, unspoilt, natural surroundings. In fact, it was recently named in the 2023 ACSI Awards as the Campsite with the Best Location in Slovenia! Nestled on the outskirts of Triglav National Park, it lies between the flowing Sava Bohinjka river and the charming village of Bohinjska Bistrica. Offering breathtaking views of Mount Triglav and the Bohinj mountains, this campsite’s location makes it easy to embrace sustainable travel and explore by foot or bike.

Eco-friendly practices are promoted at Camp Danica, such as using less damaging packaging, drinking tap water and eating healthily using their on-site herb garden. The camp also encourages renting of electric cars, shown in their motto ‘I drive green…for a flourishing Bohinj’. They use other clever resource-saving methods including heat pumps, solar energy systems, energy-saving light bulbs and automatic taps. In addition to this, guests who arrive by bike or public transport receive a discount, encouraging guests to embrace their eco-friendly ethos.

Eco-friendly fact: Their sustainability efforts were recognised by the International EcoCamping Certification

Certifications: From Bohinj, Slovenia Green

Public Transport Links: The camp is easily accessible by bus from the bus stop Bohinjska Bistrica or train from the train station of Bohinjska Bistrica and directly connected to Bled or Ljubljana as well as Bohinj lake. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this route and stop in front of the camp (Danica bus stop). 

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Hotel Kristal


Hotel Kristal is a family-run hotel located close to Lake Bohinj, which is home to 30 tastefully decorated alpine-style rooms using furniture made out of local wood. Their main principle revolves around giving guests a unique stay which is complemented by the region’s best. Their Pri lovcu restaurant uses only local ingredients and are also known for their craft chocolaterie which uses regionally sourced produce. In the years since opening in 1970, they have hosted multiple presidents of Slovenia as well as other high profile guests who come to enjoy their untouched nature and friendly hosts. Hotel Kristal also has a wellness suite which offers a wide range of health treatments including Abhayanga massages and Ayurvedic beauty treatments.

Eco-friendly fact: They are known for their ‘mohantek’ chocolate which combines the local Bohinj mohant cheese with hemp seeds and dark chocolate!

Certifications: From Bohinj, EU Ecolabel Certificate

Public Transport Links: With the bus stop Ribčev Laz right outside the Hotel, using public transport and links to Bled or Ljubljana are made easy. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this route.

Booking Information: here.


Bohinj ECO Hotel

Bohinj ECO Hotel is situated on the edge of the magnificent Triglav National Park, close to the stunning Lake Bohinj and just 15 minutes to dreamy Lake Bled.  It’s the perfect spot for exploring one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Bohinj ECO Hotel is also a haven for pamper addicts, and the facilities offer a tempting choice of spa treatments, steam bath, Finnish sauna and massage area. This is topped off by their panoramic infinity pool with stunning views of the mountain peaks which bring you closer to nature. Built as a complex instead of just a hotel, Bohinj ECO Hotel offers more than just lodging. The hotel is connected to the Aquapark, where guests can enjoy time relaxing in indoor and outdoor pools. Guests can also spend their time in the private bowling area or trying one of the many outdoor sports activities on offer in Bohinj.

Most importantly, the hotel uses a 430m deep energy well and heat pump which provides water and heating for the 102-room hotel. The hotel also uses Power LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption, these bulbs use 40x less energy than regular or halogen light bulbs and last 1000x longer. Bohinj ECO Hotels’s air conditioning system uses sensors to automatically turn off when not in use to avoid unnecessary wasted energy. As one of the greenest hotels in Slovenia, guests can feel fully relaxed in the knowledge that they are minimising the impact to the environment that surrounds them!

Eco-friendly fact: As Slovenia’s premier alpine eco-resort, the hotel is one of the most energy-efficient hotels in the world. Bohinj ECO Hotel is the first and only Green Globe certified hotel in Slovenia

Certifications: From Bohinj, Slovenia Green, Green Key

Public Transport Links: The hotel is easily accessible by bus from the bus stop Bohinjska Bistrica or train from the train station of Bohinjska Bistrica and directly connected to Bled or Ljubljana as well as Bohinj lake. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this route. 

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Sunrose 7 Heritage Boutique Hotel


Located in the heart of picturesque Bohinj, Sunrose 7 Heritage Boutique Hotel offers exceptional service and luxury accommodation with breathtaking views of the majestic Julian Alps. Sunrose 7 has been open for 130 years, attracting high-profile clientele from the Empire Royal family to societal VIPs and is one of the oldest hotels in Bohinj. This comfortable adult-only hotel also offers a digital-detox experience, so visitors can escape from technology and truly enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them. The digital detox is provided by eliminating the internet, TVs, phones and radios from the rooms. With so many natural wonders to explore on the doorstep, visitors will definitely not miss the digital world. The hotel has 18 elegant individually-styled rooms, a private wellness area and spa known as “Zlata Vila” and an award-winning restaurant ‘Kavarna pod Kostanji’.

Sunrose 7 strives for sustainability! Just some of the ways include using the highest quality and energy-efficient fireplaces that harness heat to heat water and using Power LED technology that consumes 2500% less energy than a comparable hotel. The flooring also features highly eco-friendly ceramics that require 30% less energy, 80% less water and produce 30% less carbon than traditional ceramics. Meanwhile, the glazing used throughout the hotel is made of the most delicate quality 3-layer thermal glass.

Eco-friendly fact: This summer they opened a new bio-swimming pool free from chemicals, the first of its kind in the Bohinj region.

Certifications: From Bohinj, Slovenia Green, Green Key, Travelife

Public Transport Links: The hotel is easily accessible by bus from the bus stop Bohinjska Bistrica or train from the train station of Bohinjska Bistrica and directly connected to Bled or Ljubljana as well as Bohinj lake. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this route. 

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Hotel Bohinj


Located in the centre of Ribčev Laz, Hotel Bohinj’s sustainable actions demonstrate the respect they have for the breathtaking nature that surrounds them. Local, sustainable food is a key focus on the culinary journey at Hotel Bohinj – their restaurant offers seasonal dishes and they provide fresh local delicacies every morning from Bohinj and surrounding villages. Their ethos revolves around understanding that we are all just guests in this biodiverse natural environment and should treat it as so.

In Hotel Bohinj sustainability was embedded from the beginning of the renovation process, using mostly sustainable materials and eco-friendly solutions. This also led them to become a Green Scheme certificate holder in November 2022. In daily operations, some of the sustainable features include water-saving showers and energy-efficient convectors instead of air-con units. They are also dedicated to avoiding disposable plastic on all levels, providing recycled felt slippers for your use, and are highly focused on food waste management.

Eco-friendly fact: As well as energy-efficient showers and heating, they focus on sustainable food, providing local and seasonal dishes in their restaurant. 

Certifications: Slovenia Green, EU Ecolabel Certificate

Public Transport Links: The bus stop Bohinjsko Jezero-lake is right in front of the hotel and is directly connected to Ljubljana or Bled. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this stop.

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Hotel Stare

Hotel Stare is a small family-run hotel with big ideas! Located in Ukanc, the west part of Bohinj, they offer 10 rooms and 1 luxury suite and have won multiple awards for sustainability. All of their rooms are decorated in a charming alpine style, using careful design and local pine wood. Some rooms also have a relaxing balcony where guests can overlook the sunrise over Lake Bohinj or the sounds of the Savica river.

They aim to reduce their resource consumption and minimise their impact on the environment. Having been a Green Scheme member since September 2020, Hotel Stare has implemented a range of sustainable practices, which include using their own heat pump to reduce fossil fuel emissions. They even have their own compost and rainwater collection for reusing as many waste elements as innovatively as possible!

Eco-friendly fact: They have replaced their use of fossil fuels with an innovative heat pump, and reuse waste where possible using rainwater collectors and composting.

Certifications: Slovenia Green, Green Key

Public Transport Links: From Ljubljana, via Bled and Bohinjska Bistrica, a bus takes you to Ukanc almost every hour all year round. During school holidays, additional seasonal buses also serve this stop. The closest bus stop to the Hotel is Bohinj Ukanc/Zlatorog, just 5 minutes away. 

Booking Information: here.

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