Fishing area: Mostnica

Mostnica is an exclusive fishing area, where only 5 fishermen can fish per day. Be one of them.

The Mostnica is a stream that rises at the head of the Alpine valley of Voje and is known primarily for its deep channels that the pristine water has furrowed out on its way to the valley. The fishing area extends from the dam in Stara Fužina to the confluence with the Jezernica. It is administered by the Bohinj Fishing Society.
The stream is home to brook trout, rainbow trout and grayling.

In the Mostnica area anglers are permitted only to do catch and release fishing, and fly-fishing is the permitted method. A maximum of five anglers per day is permitted on the Mostnica.

Fishing area map in Bohinj

Fish species and fishing seasons for Mostnica


Rainbow trout

Brown trout



24 cm

28 cm

40 cm


1 Marec – 14 November

1 April – 30 September

1 June – 14 November

Fishing rules for Mostnica brook

  • the only permitted method of fishing is fly fishing (catch-and-release)
  • All types of strings can be used (but without accessories which modify their features).
  • Fishermen can only tie one fly, nymph, appetizer strimmer, tied to a single hook.
  • Hooks without barbs can be used in the river.
  • Weight is permitted.
  • Fly-fishing with artificial flies are permitted.
  • Before the start of fishing, the name of the fisherman and the date of fishing must be written on the permit by a ball-point pencil.
  • Only three salmonid fish can be caught.
  • Caught fish must be marked by inserting X under daily catch.
  • After catching the third salmonid fish fishing must be stopped.

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