Fishing area: Lake Bohinj

Try your skills at spinning, fly-fishing or bleak fishing.

Lake Bohinj, the largest glacial lake in Slovenia, is home to the indigenous lake trout, the burbot and the chub. Non-indigenous charr, which already dominates the lake, is the ultimate specialty for fish gourmets. On Lake Bohinj fishing from the shore or a boat with one line is permitted. The following are permitted: spinning, fly fishing and coarse fishing; fishing with one rod and one artificial or dead bait. The Lake Bohinj fishing area is administered entirely by the Bohinj Fishing Society (Ribiška družina Bohinj).

Map of the fishing area in Bohinj

Fish species and fishing seasons


Lake trout

Non-indigenous lake charr


Rainbow trout

Brown trout



50 cm

20 cm

30 cm

24 cm

28 cm

30 cm


1 April – 30 September

1 March – 14 November

1. March – 30 April / 1 July – 14 November

1 March – 14 November

1 April – 30 September

1 April – 14 November

Daily catch limit

  • 6 lake charrs
  • 6 brown trouts or
  • 1 lake trout or
  • 3 rainbow trouts or
  • 5 chubs or
  • 3 burbots

Available services:

  • Fishing gear purchase
  • Fishing gear rental
  • Fishing permits
  • Professional guidance (an experienced local fisherman)
  • Boat rental
  • Maps of the area
  • Best fishing package deals
  • Best accommodation offer

Fishing rules on Lake Bohinj:

  • Fishing can be performed from the share and boat with only one fishing set

  • One rod, one hook and one bait can be used

  • Permitted fishing methods: angling, fly-fishing and bleak fishing

  • Triple hooks may be used only at angling (spinners)

  • Fishing can be performed with all artificial and natural baits, excluding bone-worms and alive fish

  • The permit is invalid if the person fishing and the date are not written

  • A permit is not transferable

  • Fishing from the bridge is not permitted

  • Youth permit allows fishing from the shore of Lake Bohinj; 9 pieces of bleak may be caught

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