Introducing a new model for sustainable tourism that puts the destination first.

In 2020, Tourism Bohinj launched a new concept to raise awareness among its Linkedin followers under the slogan: Alpine paradise under Mt Triglav in Slovenia. Pioneering a new destination-first sustainable tourism model.

The model, which is expected to grow into an international movement over time, aims to convince all stakeholders in tourism and wider society to act sustainably. We believe that responsible behaviour is the key to our coexistence with nature and the environment. The movement itself does not focus on the promotion of tourism in Bohinj alone, but we want to share practices and experiences with our followers and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable action in tourism and beyond.

You can follow the posts on our LINKEDIN – Tourism Bohinj Green Movement profile.

How do our activities work?

We publish the most relevant practices twice a week:

  • on Tuesdays, local (Bohinj and surroundings) and
  • on Thursdays, great sustainable practices from around the world.

Our goal is to make sustainable tourism a universal practice and a norm in society. Providers, decision-makers and users themselves start to engage in sustainable practices, which grows into a sustainable movement. Destinations that manage to combine responsible tourism with sufficiently convincing results will also manage to convince others to follow.

It is important to stress that we see no competition in environmental sustainability and coexistence. It is just a symbiosis. It is not about promotion, but about successful and accelerated implementation of green practices.

Bohinj, and Slovenia more broadly, are among the world’s leading promoters of responsible and green tourism. We would like to see every destination in the world following our example.

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