Although the Juliana Trail is a modern acquisition of the Julian Alps Association, it still follows the ancient and centuries-old paths of the local people. They have guided the lives of the people of the Julian Alps for centuries, linking their fields and pastures and strengthening the ties between isolated homesteads. It is the cohesion of communities that has charted the life’s paths of generations. The Juliana Trail takes you through the Julian Alps as they were known in the past and as they are still lived today – a step away from everyday life and a little bit back in time, but always with an eye forward.

Technical information

Bohinj stages of the Juliana Trail

From Goreljek, the trail descends through the picturesque villages of Gorjuše and Koprivnik into the valley. The Bohinj part of the trail continues along the Upper Valley to Jereka, from where it passes through all the villages – Bohinjska Češnjica, Srednja vas and Studor to Stara Fužina on the very eastern edge of Lake Bohinj. Along the eastern coast, the trail goes as far as Ribčev Laz, where it temporarily leaves the hamlets and passes under the foothills of the Bohinj-Tolmin mountains and over the Dobrava all the way to Bohinjska Bistrica.

In Bohinjska Bistrica, the Juliana Trail slowly starts to say goodbye to Gorenjska. It leads uphill through Nemški Rovt and then along forest roads and paths all the way to the Vrh Bače saddle.

Bohinj stages of the Juliana Trail

Online tools for individual exploration of the Juliana Trail – check maps, 3D preview and GPS tracks (GPX, KML) for each stage. The Juliana Trail mobile app is available for free for iPhone and Android devices. The route is safe and mostly easy to navigate, following well-marked tracks, forest roads and mountain paths. The Juliana Trail is designed to be walked in your own way (you can start at any stage, walk it in all at once, or walk by stages throughout the year…).

Printed guide and collecting stamps

You can collect 24 stamps on the Juliana Trail (usually one per stage, sometimes two). The locations of the stamps are marked on the ground with a special plaque and can be collected in the stamp logbook, which is part of the revised edition of this guide.

Whoever collects the stamps and sends the stamped diary to the Julian Alps Booking Centre will receive a commemorative diploma and a prize.

The Julian Alps Booking Centre

Soča Valley Tourism Board
Rupa 17, Bovec
T: +386 (0)5 30 29 643
E: [email protected]

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All the faces of the Juliana Trail

This mountain hiking trail is not the most typical of hiking trails in the Alps. It does not set itself the goal of summiting. It runs at a respectful distance along the edge of the Julian Alps, where life is shared between man and nature. With magnificent views of the mighty peaks of the Julian Alps, you will feel the true pulse of life in the Alps and get to know the rich natural and cultural heritage of this area, which is also largely protected by the Triglav National Park and the Biosphere Reserve.

Written by Marko Viduka

To find, walk, learn and explore the unknown diversity, to offer and use what is unknown to others; this is a trail to which you are invited and which can draw your attention back to its own originality and simplicity.

In the modern world, full of information, technology, noise, rush, people have started searching for health, mental peace in the forgotten and what have so far been remote values: in pristine nature and its magical beauty, in the diversity of landscape and in biodiversity, in hidden and unknown places for meditation and in places with magical power (rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests, exceptional trees, colourful flowers, rocks of unusual shapes), and in cultural, settlement and historical peculiarities.

cultural, settlement and historical peculiarities. In this sense, the Julian Alps provide a rich cache of unexploited opportunities. Where beauty takes your breath away and nature is still preserved due to the efforts of locals and

This is a trail that takes you along the edge of the popular mountains and among the secluded mountain farms.

Juliana Trail leads you along the edge, that enables you to explore the hidden natural peculiarities which you cannot find in any tourist leaflet, to discover stories and legends that you cannot find in any tourist offer, to sit and admire the panoramic views and to stare at the far horizons drawn by the high peaks and colourful valleys.

The mighty king of the Zlatorog land, the peak of Triglav, will accompany you like a guiding star along the way. And you will see it all the time, but you will not reach it.

You will not be able to see it from every stage, but you will feel its symbolic charisma that watches over the family of the Julian Alps peaks every step of the way.