Co-create the stories of Lake Bohinj.



The story goes that when God created the world, He first forgot about the humble Bohinj people when sharing the land. To make amends to them, He gave them the most beautiful land of what He had saved for Himself. This is how we got the beautiful world under Triglav with the natural pearl in the valley – Lake Bohinj. This unique part of the world has its own charm in all seasons, and it is not only Bohinjers who feel at home here.

To make it even more homely, you can adopt a bench by the lake. A bench as real, as authentically homely as the one imagined by the renowned Slovenian architects Janko Rožič, Matjaž Suhadolc and Gašper Drašler and the designer Andraž Tarman, gathered in the group Odprti krog.

Each bench will have its own story of the person who adopted it and the person to whom it may have been dedicated or given. But all together they will be a wonderful haven for a tired hiker, a couple in love or a family out for a walk.

Bench location

As a sponsor, you will be able to choose an indicative (macro) location for the benches, while the exact (micro) location will be determined in cooperation with the project coordinator.

How do I adopt the bench?

The adoption agreement is signed for three years. Each bench will have a special plaque on which you can share your thought, name or dedication. In this way, the adopters of the bench will be connected to each other and intertwined with the lake, allowing everyone to comfortably enjoy the beauty of the gift of nature.

All the funds from the adoption of the benches will be donated by the Municipality of Bohinj, the Stara Fužina-Studor Local Community, the Bohinj Tourist Association and the Tourism Bohinj to the installation and maintenance of the benches and the improvement and preservation of the paths around the lake.

Each bench costs €300 to install and €50 to rent annually for the next two years.

The story of the bench

The designers of the Bohinj Bench took into account the woodworking and sawmilling traditions of the environment and respect for nature.

The base is made of thick sheets of larch on a supporting structure of thin flat iron (“flohajzen”), which allows the bench to aggressively hit the ground and almost give the impression of floating in nature. The functional design is also well thought out, so that the benches give a comfortable and stable resting feeling to several people at the same time.

In addition to the position, each bench will be given a personalised mark by a personalised plaque, the content of which will be designed jointly on the basis of a proposal from the adopters.

Information and agreement

For more information or to find out which bench by Lake Bohinj is your favourite, call 04 574 75 90 or email