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Floral yoga for children

5. June, 17:00 - 17:45
Why floral yoga you ask? Because it touches Alpine pastures, Triglav wildflowers and different fairytale stories from Bohinj. This time we will meet one special flower from the Triglav Mountains – Planika. Through the fairy tale and its fairy tale characters, we will turn yoga into a magical adventure.

Short description of the story.

In the high mountain peaks, where they touch the sky, grew the most magical flower of all – the Triglav Rose. Its flowers were like jewels, sparkling under the sun’s rays. Its presence in the mountains meant not only beauty, but also strength, peace and magic. Its beauty and its scent attracted many visitors from distant lands. And the mountain world was becoming increasingly polluted.

And so the Triglav Rose began to lose its light and magic. Its flowers were becoming stiff and lifeless, causing sadness and anxiety in the mountains. The creatures of the mountains felt that they had to do something to restore the Triglav Rose to its strength and splendour.

That is why all the creatures that lived in these mountains gathered at the Triglav Rose. They brought their gifts and magical powers to help restore its energy. The White Deer was the first to arrive, bringing fresh water from the mountain stream to nourish the roots of the flower. Then came the Blue Bird, whose melodious singing awakened the magical power of the Triglav Rose. Next came the mighty Bear, who brought fragrant honey from his hive to restore the strength and vitality of the flower.

When all the gifts were gathered, the creatures of the mountains formed a circle around the Triglav Rose. Every movement, every breath was filled with magical energy that permeated the mountain air. With every pose, the Triglav Rose grew stronger and its flowers opened wider and wider, revealing their magical splendour.


Eva Kostič, yoga instructor for children (This Colourful Life, Eva Kostič s.p.)

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5. June
17:00 - 17:45
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Bohinjska hiša
Mencingerjeva 4
Bohinjska Bistrica, 4264
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