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The primordial of sound: intuitive singing and ancient voice therapy

30. March, 10:00 - 16:00

The voice is the most subtle aspect of our physical manifestation. It is invisible, but it has visible effects. In order to reveal the light and power of our true authentic expression, you are invited to a special workshop! We will spend a day in the embrace of Bohinj, surrendering to a creative process that will gently lead us beyond our established beliefs and thoughts, to a present perception and (re)acquaintance with our own authentic voice and body expression.

We will awaken to the bodies that carry the sounds of our past, present and future and together, spontaneously connect them into songs of the heart. We will listen to our inner rhythms, give them a voice and celebrate life through them. Nature will be our co-creator, our inspiration, we will listen to its spaces and place ourselves in them with our voices. More about Intuitive Singing: https://nezapele.com/intuitivno-petje/

At the end of the workshop, you will be invited to stop, immerse yourself in your inner world and listen to the ancient harmonies and the rhythm of the voice accompanied by the chimes. A specially prepared and cleared space will create a sanctuary for an inner journey, deeper insights and introductions related to the intention you have set for yourself.The voice travels with benevolent fire energy through a map of ancient sacred knowledge about the impact of the action of sounds that has been preserved in the Altai.It replenishes the human soul and body and establishes the “musical wholeness” of the body.The experience will invite us into a space of powerful inner silence, which is also beneficial for the surroundings and the space around us.
More about the Old World Voice Therapy: https://zvoktisine.si/pradom-zvoka-terapija-z-glasom/


10.00-15.00 Intuitive chanting with breaks in between (led by Neža Pele)
15.00-16.00 Old World Voice Therapy (led by Mina Kunstelj)

Contribution: 80€

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30. March
10:00 - 16:00


Center TNP Bohinj
Stara Fužina 38
Bohinjsko jezero, 4265 Slovenija
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