From Hayracks to the Oplen House

From Hayracks to the Oplen House

An interesting experience that puts you right at the heart of life in a typical Alpine village, where nothing is made and tampered with, but authentic. It’s as if you’ve entered the everyday life of a village, with all the rustles and smells, and at the same time with authentic glimpses into the everyday life of a peasant.

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Studor is a small village, and from one attraction to another, the routes are short, but full of unpredictable encounters. Indulge yourself and experience a day with Marija in the village, where you will enter a place where life happens. You will see the Studor Hayracks (toplarji) and the Oplen House (museum of living culture), taste a real Bohinj snack with zaseka spread and cheese and chat with the locals.


  • 10 – 20 persons
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Advance booking required at [email protected]
  • We adapt the guided tours to the curiosity of the participants (including schools and kindergartens).


  • per person
  • includes: guided tour, entrance fees, Bohinj snack, welcome drink.

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