Mohant – gross and yucky or a culinary speciality?

Mohant - gross and yucky or a culinary speciality?

Come along with us on a cycling tour and embark on a journey to uncover a unique cheese – the Mohant. Mohant is a semi-soft cheese crafted in the Bohinj region. With its distinct aroma and flavor, it stands as a genuine treasure in the realm of Slovenian cheese production, proudly carrying a protected designation of origin within the European Union.

Throughout this cycling adventure, you’ll have the chance to delve into the origins, history, and exceptional characteristics of this cheese while unravelling its many captivating aspects. Our program also encompasses the opportunity to create butter as a complementary product and a guided tour through the preparation of uncomplicated dishes showcasing Mohant.

Naturally, you’ll also savour the Mohant cheeses themselves (from various Bohinj producers), and indulge in tasting certified products like biscuits and chocolate infused with Mohant. At the culmination of the tour, you’ll have the liberty to decide whether Mohant is an acquired taste or whether you’ll embrace this culinary speciality in your own homemade delicacies

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  • Availability: May to September
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Number of persons: 4 to 6
  • Starting point and return point: Bohinjska Bistrica or by arrangement
  • Reservation required: [email protected]


  • 110 € per person


Our cycling and culinary journey commences in Bohinjska Bistrica, starting with a scenic ride along the Bohinj Cycle Route, leading us towards the picturesque Lake Bohinj. During our ride, our first stop will be at either Pr’ Prangarčk Cheese Farm or the Pr’ Tonejovc Organic Cheese Farm, where we will embark on an exploration of the secrets behind Mohant cheese production.

First, we will immerse ourselves in the process of crafting this exceptional cheese, encompassing the cutting, blending, and pressing of the cheese, as well as the various stages of maturation. Participants will even have the chance to create their own butter, a delightful by-product of the cheese-making process, to take home as a keepsake.

Following this introduction, we will journey to the heart of Triglav National Park in Stara Fužina. Here, we will meet a member of the Rural Women Association, who will demonstrate the art of incorporating Mohant into our culinary creations. Simple yet delectable dishes like wide noodles with herbs and Mohant sauce, potato soup with Mohant, or meat patty with Mohant will be prepared for our enjoyment. Furthermore, we will be treated to tastings of a diverse array of prepared products, including biscuits, chocolate, and more.

Within the center of Triglav National Park, the home of Turizem Bohinj, participants will have the opportunity to purchase technical literature and a variety of products, including Mohant from different producers and chocolate. At the conclusion of our journey, we will return to Bohinjska Bistrica, enriched by an indelible and savoury experience.

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