The largest natural permanent lake in Slovenia with many possibilities for activities.

Lake Bohinj is located in a glacially formed lake basin and holds almost 100 million cubic metres of water. According to an old Bohinj joke, only one bucket if the bucket is big enough. The lake basin, which descends steeply, is not indented and is almost without shallows. The lake warms up to 24°C at the surface in summer and often freezes in winter. Water levels rise by more than 3 m during heavy rainfall.

Lake Bohinj in figures

water level altitude: 526 m

length of the lake: 4100 m

maximum width: 1200 m

Water quantity: 92.5 million cubic metres

maximum depth: 45 m

lake area: 318 ha

length of the lake shore: 11.35 km

Interesting facts about Lake Bohinj

  • at the end of the last glaciation, Lake Bohinj was about 18 m higher (extending to Stara Fužina)
  • only one tenth of Lake Bohinj is shallower than 10 m and 80% is deeper than 20 m, 20% even deeper than 40 m
  • between the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Pod Skalco event space is a deposit of lacustrine chalk
  • south of the church of the Holy Spirit is one of the few quartz porphyry deposits in the Julian Alps
  • Lake Bohinj is home to 53 species of planktonic algae, around 60 species of invertebrate fauna and at least 16 species of fish.
  • the second shortest river in Slovenia, the Jezernica, flows out of Lake Bohinj and from its confluence with the Mostnica (100 m from the bridge) is called the Sava Bohinjka river

Lake Bohinj and activities

Lake Bohinj is suitable for water activities in all seasons. In the warmer months, you can swim, ride a boat, surf, kayak or canoe, fish and snorkel. You can enjoy a wonderful panoramic boat ride or just a relaxing stroll along its shores.

In winter, the lake sometimes (although less and less often) offers ice-skating (please take care and skate at your own risk!).

It only takes a few strokes of the paddle to take you to a wonderful world of beauty, peace and tranquillity. Lake Bohinj is the perfect place for your first swings into a new adventure, as you can explore it on your own. The Sava Bohinjka is more challenging.
Where are the bathing areas on Lake Bohinj and where else can you go swimming in Bohinj. What are the prohibitions on high mountain lakes.
A guided panoramic ride is an interesting complement to your activities, an exciting and educational adventure for the young ones and an ecological way to get to the other side of the lake.
Clean waters and smart fish make for good and interesting fishing. Enjoy unspoiled nature with easy access to fishing spots where every angler can find their own corner.
The third most visited attraction in Slovenia. A spectacular waterfall, hidden amidst the steep walls of the Komarča. The beginning of Slovenia's longest and second shortest river.