There is 16 climbing sites and almost 500 well-equipped directions of all difficulties When conditions are not favourable for outdoor climbing, there is an almost 11 m high artificial climbing wall in the Danica multi-purpose hall.

One of the most popular climbing centres in Slovenia was built according to predetermined plans. Our climbing areas and well-equipped routes of all difficulties are described in the Bohinj Climbing Guide. The authors Andrej Pikon and Andrej Podlipnik, in cooperation with Turizem Bohinj and some of the tourist entities in Bohinj, have published the Bohinj Climbing Guide. In it, they describe climbing areas with 476 equipped routes. Bohinj has thus been given an outstanding and modern climbing guide, which will put it on a par with the best climbing destinations.

By offering climbing sites and directions we can guarantee satisfaction for beginners, families and those who are seeking for tenth grade problems (UIAA). Those who lack experience, we recommend guided climbing, and experienced climbers are recommended to buy the Bohinj Climbing Guidebook.

Sport climbing in natural climbing areas

Bohinj with its 333.7 km2 offers approximately 500 climbing routes at 20-ish different locations that are appropriate for absolute newbies as well as seasoned climbers; the climbing grades vary from 2 do 8b+.

The best choice for complete beginners (children and adults alike) is the Pod Skalco climbing area by the lake, where you can also rent (or buy) climbing equipment or hire a guide or instructor.

If you are inexperienced in rope climbing (even if you have done bouldering before), don’t ever wing it! Make sure you find an experienced instructor to accompany you until you have mastered lead belaying. The slightest mistake or lack of knowledge can gave grave consequences: Next to the obvious danger of falling rocks, there are several locations where you have to watch out for snakes; also, always make sure to stay properly hydrated. Rope climbing without proper belaying (which means two things: sufficient knowledge and flawless climbing gear) can be mortally dangerous.

If you own your equipment and both you and your partner know how to lead belay securely, you will enjoy the various climbing challenges that Bohinj has to offer, both as multi-pitch routes and single-pitch routes. The information listed below is only a nutshell summary. For more information, we advise you to buy a paperback guide (»Plezalni vodnik – Climbing guide Bohinj«, which describes/contains 477 climbing routes, or »Slovenija – športnoplezalni vodnik« which does not focus only on Bohinj.

  • Climbing wall test

    A climbing school team is always available at the Pod Skalco climbing centre, and it offers climbing experiences to each person who would like to try out a real climbing direction.

  • Climbing courses

    Climbing school is intended mostly for beginners. Different courses for adults and children are available, as well as individual courses. The programme contains the necessary theory and a lot of climbing at different climbing sites – Pod Skalco and Bellevue.

  • Guided climbing

    Experienced climbers can climb with a partner – instructor at Bohinj and surrounding climbing sites.

  • Climbing equipment rental

    At the climbing centre Pod Skalco you can also rent climbing equipment.

  • Dates

    May – October,
    Courses take place mostly in the main summer season or upon agreement

Providers of climbing in natural climbing areas

Single-pitch directions

Consult the booklet-guides for thorough information, this is just a cherry pick. The newbie locations are Pod Skalco and Bellevue, which do have several advanced and expert routes, but also several beginner- and intermediate-graded ones (3–5b).

Advanced climbers will enjoy Dov and Rudnica (6a–7a+), Šavnica (6a– 7b+) , Bitnje and Bitenj Potok (over a 100 routes, most of them 6a–8a+).

For mixed crowds, we suggest Bellevue (many 3s and 4s, a nice range of 5a–5c and the occasional 7b+), Pod Skalco (ranging from 3 to 7b+), Peč (a 2+, several 4a, 5a and 5b routes as well as at least a dozen expert ones between 6a and 7a+) and Nomenj (one 3a, five 4s and many a 6a–7a+).

Multi-pitch routes

Climbing on an artificial climbing wall

Do you love climbing but the current conditions are not right for outdoor climbing? It’s okay – you can improve or test your climbing skills on the almost 11-metre high climbing wall in Bohinj.


Artificial climbing wall in the Danica multi-purpose hall:

  • approximately 260 square metres of climbing surface
  • the highest grip is almost 11 above the floor
  • 60 climbing routes, marked in different colours
  • route grades: 4 – 7c
  • the floor is covered with large pads to alleviate the falls
  • equipment: sports clothes and clean shoes or climbing shoes (and magnesium bag)
  • Climbing rules in climbing centres

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