June 30, 2020


How to experience Bohinj to the fullest without any stress

In Bohinj, we are striving to preserve what attracted you the most: beautiful and unspoilt nature, peace and quiet, friendly locals and a variety of opportunities for enjoying nature without any stress.

However, this requires your help. Adhering to the rules we have set up with a clear orientation towards the sustainable development of the destination will ensure that you will leave our home with only pleasant memories.


  • Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas car parks.
  • Driving motorized vehicles in the natural habitat is not permitted.
  • Caravans and other vehicles can be parked for an overnight stay only in campsites and in designated caravan parks.
  • Tenting and bivouacking are only permitted at campsites.
  • Stay on marked trails.
  • Drone usage is prohibited in the natural environment of the Triglav National Park.
  • Due to extremely sensitive biotopes, bathing in high-altitude alpine lakes and water streams (e.g. Mostnica) in the central area is prohibited.
  • There are no waste bins along hiking trails. Please, carry all your waste to local waste container areas and recycle.
  • Please, keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your pet.
  • Dogs are prohibited from bathing at public bathing areas of Lake Bohinj.
  • Mind your safety as you may encounter tractors, hikers and horse-back riders on the bike path.
  • Please respect the locals and their property.


Naši ukrepi, s katerimi želim zmanjšati negativne vplive turizma na okolje ter gostom in domačinom izboljšati kakovost življenja in izkušenj.

Our commitment

We are aware of the fragile balance between nature and man and respect the heritage of our ancestors. To preserve the environment and provide integrated service at the same time, we are encouraging the use of sustainable mobility and travelling solutions. 

Sustainable mobility

Bohinj and the Triglav National Park are visited by more tourists every year. This further increases the pressure on the sensitive alpine environment. With the desire to relieve the pressure on the lake bowl, we are introducing measures to encourage visitors to use public transport. Parking is only allowed on designated car parks, the most favourable parking is in Bohinjska Bistrica.

There are various transport options available to you:

Waste and waste sorting areas

Waste sorting in Bohinj is standard practice and we ask you to sort waste, too. We have placed waste sorting bins around the lake as is visible on the map. There are no waste bins in the natural environment, therefore waste must be disposed of at municipal waste areas.


We have established an entry-exit point system along the lake and the Sava Bohinjka river and its tributaries, including all the necessary infrastructure such as changing facilities, benches, air pumps for stand-up-paddle boards (SUP) and so on. Your contribution to the use of an entry-exit point is also a contribution to safe and properly regulated activity. Above all, this is also a contribution to the conservation of our unspoilt nature as preserved by our ancestors, which we are obliged to protect and preserve for future generations.

Caravans and campsites

Experience clear nights full of stars on the benches of mountain huts, shelters and bivouacs. This is one of the rules of good manners in the Triglav National Park – two-thirds of its area belongs to the municipality of Bohinj. Camping and staying in bivouacs is permitted only in designated areas.

Tent camping is permitted only in official campsites. The Triglav National Park law also prohibits the parking of motor vehicles, holiday trailers or caravans outside of the designated areas.

And the law and order decree prohibit overnight stays in the area of the municipality of Bohinj in hay barns, hay racks, parks, bus and train stations, areas of apartment buildings not designed for overnight stays, at the market and other inappropriate places.

But in Bohinj, there are two campsites providing amazing scenery for your morning views from your trailer or your tent’s wing with all you need for your comfort. One is located in Ukanc, just a stone’s throw from Lake Bohinj and the other in Bohinjska Bistrica near the Sava Bohinjka river. Moreover, two official car parks for caravans are provided: at
Senožeta in Srednja vas and at the train station in Bohinjska Bistrica.

The Julian Alps card: Bohinj

Bus, train, car train, as well as the excursion boat, are only some of the possibilities, which are offered to the cardholders, thus contributing to the reduction of motor traffic in Bohinj and to environmentally friendly tourism. Bohinj is perfect for enjoying the protected natural and cultural landscape and countryside. Become a part of the vision of creating a green future and use our free transport means that are friendly to the environment. At booking check, if you are entitled to buy the Julian Alps Card: Bohinj.


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