Boating regulations

Entry-exit points, moorings and other rules for all types of non-motorized watercraft up to 8m.

Lake Bohinj, together with the Sava Bohinjka and its tributaries, represents a unique water system, which is why the Republic of Slovenia has decided to declare Lake Bohinj a natural value of national importance, and the Triglav National Park Act provides for the most strict protection measures for the lake, as its shores lie in the first and second protection zones.

Similar protection applies to the Sava Bohinjka and most of its tributaries – all with the aim of preserving this pristine water system for future generations.

The boating regulations apply to all types of vessels (including stand-up paddleboards – SUP).

For other sports vessels, such as kiteboats, sailboards, hydrospeed boats, inflatable boats up to 2 m in length and similar props, the use of entry/exit points and the purchase of a permit are not required.

No boating is allowed in the bathing water area of Lake Bohinj, which is 100 m from the shore, except to/from entry/exit points or harbours.

All activities in, on and around the lake, and the Sava Bohinjka river and its tributaries are carried out at your own risk. We recommend that you choose to be accompanied by experienced and qualified local guides.

Entry to Lake Bohinj and the Sava Bohinjka river is only allowed at entry/exit points and harbours.

Lake Bohinj

  • navigation is allowed all year round
  • Landing and temporary mooring outside the determined moorings is only permitted between 8 am and 8 pm.

Sava Bohinjka river

  • Navigation on the Sava Bohinja River is permitted from 1. April to 31. October
  • April and October from 10. am untill 5 pm.
  • May and September from 10. untill 6. pm.
  • From June to August from 9. am untill 7. pm.


  • The permit is valid for one vessel, must be affixed to the vessel and is not transferable.
  • No boating is allowed in the bathing water area of Lake Bohinj, which is 100 m from the shore, except to/from entry/exit points or harbours.

Fees for the use of entry/exit points:

  • daily 2 EUR
  • weekly 5 EUR
  • 30-days 10 EUR
  • 60-days 15 EUR
  • yearly 20 EUR


The Municipality of Bohinj has started to protect water sources in a planned way, but at the same time with the wish to enable all those who want to actively enjoy this water system in the heart of the National Park to do so in an orderly and safe way and with the least possible impact on the environment.

A system of entry/exit points has been set up along the lake and the Sava Bohinjka, with all the necessary infrastructure, such as changing rooms, benches, air paddles for stand-up paddleboards (SUP) and so on. Your contribution to the use of the entry/exit point is a contribution to an orderly and safe activity. Above all, it is a contribution to preserving the nature that our ancestors left us, and that we have a duty to keep intact for posterity.

You can read the Decreeon this link.

important notice

The Municipality of Bohinj has adopted a decree establishing a temporary navigation regime on the Sava Bohinjka river for the 2023 season:

Due to the construction of the cycling path and the obstruction of access to the entry/exit points, the following entry/exit points on the Sava Bohinjka are CLOSED:

Bitnje near the railway bridge (exit point No 12)
Soteska – double bridge (exit point 13)
Soteska – by the power station (exit point No 14)

The LAST EXIT POINT where you can exit the river is:
Bohinjska Bistrica – at the road bridge (exit point No 11)
(for a better presentation, see the map below)

Moorings on Lake Bohinj

  • navigation is allowed all year round (with vessels up to 8 m in length)
  • the use of power-driven vessels is prohibited (with the exception of training activities of organisations registered for the sport of boating)
  • access to the lake is only allowed at entry/exit points and moorings
  • temporary berthing and docking outside ports is allowed between 8. am and 8 pm.
  • between 8. pm and 8. am the vessel must be securely moored at the mooring facilities or stored in designated places in the moorings
  • follow the instructions of the moorings operator and the moorings rules

Mooring policy

It is prohibited in the mooring and on the shore within the harbour area:

  • placing vessels outside the places designated for the berthing and storage of vessels
  • to moor vessels to objects that are not intended for mooring
  • to deliberately relocate, replace, remove or damage objects or markings intended for navigational regulation
  • to use moorings for sunk and stranded vessels or vessels that are in any way inoperable for navigation
  • for vessels and floating objects to obstruct public transport at the mooring
  • to swim and fish
Mojca Odar_kanu-bohinj

Mooring permits

  • The permit is valid for one vessel for the use of the mooring.

  • The permit is also valid for the use of the entry/exit points on Lake Bohinj and Sava Bohinjka river.

  • The permit must be affixed to the vessel and is not transferable.

Fees for the use of the moorings Pod Skalco – per vessel:

  • daily 12 EUR
  • weekly 20 EUR
  • 30-day 60 EUR
  • 60-day 90 EUR
  • yearly 120 EUR
  • buoy mooring and storage at the mooring (dry mooring) are subject to payment of a 50% fee

Mooring application

Points of sale of permits

Leaflet Boating regulations in Bohinj


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