June 14, 2018


Small Baroque church with wooden shingle roof is located on the way to Ukanc

The Church of the Holy Spirit is situated on a glade next to Lake Bohinj. It was built in 1743, although there are records in the archives showing that a church stood at this site at least some 300 years earlier.


It was built as a part of three vows made by farmers on the advice of a monk from Innichen after a three-year period of poor harvest because of a worm. This is how the small Baroque church was put up in 1743. There is a bell tower with a Baroque roof on the south side and an open entryway in front of the church.

The sacristy was built under the bell tower and later also a granary on the south side that was used for storing grain and other crops, gifts brought by grateful pilgrims.

On the outer side:

  • Wooden shingle roof in the shape of a camelback
  • Bell tower with a bulb-shaped cap with small stone framed windows looking in all directions
  • Stone paved church floor
  • The open entryway is paved with river stones, a choir is built above it
  • Grey and colourful edges and borders
  • A fresco of St. Christopher with baby Jesus, painted in 1885 by Matija Koželj, a painter from Kamnik

Inside the church:

  • Round shaped vault decorated with ornaments
  • Three altars (a big wooden Baroque one from the second half of the 18th century)
  • The statues on the side Rococo altars were stolen at the end of the last century
  • Two side altars are decorated with the paintings made by Matija Koželj in 1885 (the left one is dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk, the right one to St. Francis Xavier)
  • The pulpit is a simple folk art from the 18th century
  • Crystal chandelier from the 19th century

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