January 31, 2017


The gorge expands over the length of 2 kilometres and shows the creative and alluring forces of nature.

  • From April until October a fee applies to see the Mostnica Gorge.
  • A footpath is provided on both sides of the gorge thus enabling a round trip.
  • Caution is needed at the edges of the gorge, particularly in humid weather conditions.
  • We do not recommend individual walk through the Gorge in case of snow.


You can start your exploration in Stara Fužina (all routes are marked):

  • from the Church of St. Paul,
  • from the centre of the village, passing the Zois Manor and
  • from the parking area at Vorančkovca.


Not far from the bridge is a trailhead that leads through a forest, where you can view the picturesque gorge. The gorge was made by the Mostnica river and in some places it is very narrow. We can observe interesting creatures of nature along the trail, i.e. waterfalls, pools etc. A hollow rock which got the name “Little Elephant” is especially interesting, since it emerged when the water broke through a rock.


From the Voje Hut you can continue through the picturesque valley of Voje to 21 m high Voje waterfall (also called the Šum waterfall or Mostnica waterfall). After visiting the waterfall we recommend you to stop at Voje Waterfall Alpine Hut, where you will be able to enjoy in local food and drinks.

The tour to the end of the Voje valley takes about two and a half hours in one direction. The trail is well marked and is easy to moderate. The most difficult parts of the trail are two five-minute ascents (the first from the Mostnica Gorge to the Voje Hut and the second one to the Mostnica waterfall at the end of the valley).

In order to fully enjoy in this experience we recommend you to hire a guide who will describe and show all the natural features along the trail, present you the life in Voje valley and also other interesting historical facts that relate to the explored area


Entrance fee

3 €

  • Adults: 3 €
  • Adults groups: 2,70 €
  • Children 0-6 years of age: 0 €
  • Children 7-14 years of age: 1,50 €
  • Groups children 7-14 years of age: 1,30 €
  • Students, seniors over 65 years of age: 2,50 €
  • Groups students, seniors over 65 years of age: 2,20 €
  • Bohinj mobility guest card holders: 0 €


  • Student and senior prices are applied upon proper identification.
  • Prices are in Euro and include VAT.
  • Group price applies for groups with minimum 20 persons.
  • Entrance is free of charge for every 21st person.
  • Insurance is included in the entrance fee.
  • We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.
  • Prices are valid from 1 January 2017.

*Prices are informative!


There are some smaller waterfalls between the source of the mountain stream Mostnica and the Mostnica George, and there is also a 15-metre-long sliding waterfall flowing over a mossy terrain. A hundred metres down the source are the three Mostnica waterfalls: the first one with a height of 5 metres is followed by the 20-metre-high Voje waterfall called also Mostnica waterfall, and this one is followed by the last, another 5-metre-high waterfall called Konjski rep. The water from all three waterfalls carved deep pools.

On its way through the Voje valley, the stream slows down only to gain its force again on a steep slope between Voje and Stara Fužina, and then continues through picturesque Mostnica Gorge carved throughout the centuries into the stone river-bed by the water and sand.

On the outskirts of Stara Fužina, Mostnica is joined by the Ribnica stream, and after one kilometre of common path they jointly flow into the Sava Bohinjka river. This part of Mostnica represents the 3rd fishing district of the Bohinj Fishing Society. Only 5 fishermen a day are allowed to fly-fish there.

Apart from Ribnica, Mostnica has another three affluents (each with its own waterfall): the Kropa, Suha and Snedčica streams.


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MOTOR is an acronym for “Mobile Tourist Incubator”. The project aims to improve tourist services and the attractions of less developed areas such as nature protected areas, rural areas and small city centres, and to design new cross-border tourist packages and educate local tourist services providers. The areas, included in the project, stretch from Ravenna to the Gorenjska region, and in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region the project encompasses the Julian Prealps Nature Park.

The project is co-financed under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Slovenia-Italy 2007-2013 by the European Regional Development Fund and national funds. / Projekt sofinanciran v okviru Programa čezmejnega sodelovanja Slovenija–Italija 2007–2013 iz sredstev Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj in nacionalnih sredstev. / Il progetto è cofinanziato nell’ambito del Programma per la Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia- Slovenia 2007-2013, dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale e dai fondi nazionali.



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