June 14, 2018


Stara Fužina is a typical Alpine village located in the Triglav National Park offering a wide variety of options to explore many interesting cultural and natural landmarks.


The settlement (used to called also Staro klad’vo or Althammer) was established as early as in times before the Roman Empire, therefore it might not hurt to add to the things to see also a bit of theory to revive the images from the past.

As an evidence of the golden age of iron industry in Bohinj serve the exterior of the Zois Manor and the remains of the old sawmill located on the foundations of the former ironworks. To get the insight into the history of alpine dairy farming and cheese-making, visit the lovely Museum of Alpine Dairy Farming and treat yourself to some dairy specialities available nearby. Together with the still functioning Andrejčeva žaga sawmill, traditional inn Mihovc and weighing machine Nutnica pri Joštu, the museum is one of the central landmarks of Stara Fužina.

Be sure to also check the well-preserved old rural houses (especially the exterior of the Hlipova house adorned with baroque frescoes) and the Church of St. Paul at the end of the village. This church was supposedly built in the 13th century for the miners and ironworkers from this area.

The village sees numerous events during the year (the summertime music Tuesday nights with local marketplace, otepanje – a traditional Christmas or New Year custom, events within festivals, concerts during the holidays, sporting events, etc.).


Stara Fužina will particularly grow on everyone who looks for spectacular views and loves short walks. We recommend you to visit Rudnica, Peč, Studor or Vogar (the latter two are also popular airfields for paragliders).

If you are not too keen on climbing, take a short walk to Lake Bohinj (which you can quickly prolong by walking to the other side of the lake). You will be captivated by the Mostnica Gorge (and the Devil’s Bridge) with the Voje Valley and its Šum Waterfall. If you love mountaineering, the Fužine mountains will surely satisfy your urge for hiking and fresh cheese products.

If you love fishing, be sure to experience an exclusive adventure on the Mostnica river. During the fishing season, only five fishermen a day are granted this kind of experience. Sports climbers can take advantage of the natural climbing site Peč. To take care of your general fitness, you can visit an outdoor gym with an outstanding view of the lake (at Vorančkovca) or use the asphalt bicycle lane to go rollerblading or cycling (three entry points). In favourable winter conditions, Stara Fužina offers a perfect starting point for cross-country skiing.


  • number of inhabitants: 576
  • altitude: 546 m


  • private rooms, apartments and holiday cottages
  • boarding houses and a hostel
  • two shops
  • ATM
  • hairdressing salon
  • bar
  • traditional inn with Czech barrel organ
  • restaurants
  • auto and tyre repair shop
  • during the summer season: information centre
  • free WiFi spot


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