September 6, 2021


Away from the busy road, well marked and appropriate for all walks of life.

Multi-purpose asphalt cycling route runs along the Sava River from Bohinjska Bistrica to Stara Fužina and continues along the Ribnica Brook to Srednja vas. This well-marked route is ideal for recreational cycling in Bohinj. Resting places and waste bins are located along the route.

The route is also used by hikers, walkers, roller-skaters and land owners (which means that you can also meet tractors and similar vehicles on the route). The route may not be used by automobiles, motorcycles and four-wheel motorcycles.

Cycle carefully, especially in narrow and steep sections!


  • Route: Bohinjska Bistrica – Brod – Ribčev Laz – Stara Fužina – Studor – Srednja vas
  • The start of the route in Bohinjska Bistrica is marked on the map
  • Length: 11 km
  • Number of resting places: 12
  • Number of entry points: 6
  • NEW: 2 bike repair stands


The Lower and Upper Bohinj valley are connected by a unique cycle track. Paved in its entirety, this properly marked track will take you past numerous natural and cultural attractions, and together with sightseeing and stops off the beaten track or just sunbathing on the shore of Lake Bohinj or the Sava Bohinjka river will practically engage you for a whole day. With its clear level parts and diverse ups and downs, the track is also suitable for family cycling trips.

The cycle track starts in Bohinjska Bistrica and will take you first to Lake Bohinj and then to the Upper Bohinj valley to the village of Češnjica. If visitors wish to have a round trip, they have to return from Srednja vas to Bohinjska Bistrica following the main road or take the interesting “mountain bike” version via the Senožeta hill. The track mainly stays off the regional road and if you want to see village cores, you will have to make a slight detour and make your cycling trip more interesting by visiting one of the villages where you can have a snack or a lunch stop.


For those who want to add some educational and cultural experience, the Alpine Dairy Farming Museum in Stara Fužina is the place to be. You will have the opportunity to broaden your horizons on the topic of cheese making and dairy farming in this area. In Studor you can visit the Oplen House – a unique 200-year-old Bohinj homestead now open to the public as a museum. In Bohinjska Bistrica there is the Tomaž Godec Museum, where you can relive the whole history of Bohinj, from the first settlement in the Iron Age to WWII.

The track is multi-functional and is used by cyclists as well as hikers, passersby, rollerbladers and landowners (meaning you can quickly run into agricultural machinery). Moreover, use of the track by cars, motorcycles and quads is prohibited. Nevertheless, those using the track have to take into account basic cycling rules, as there are numerous participants on the Bohinj cycling track.

You can start cycling anywhere in Bohinj since the track passes the majority of Bohinj villages and is properly marked with signs in several places. If you plan to start your trip in Bohinjska Bistrica, the most suitable starting point would be Camp Danica, as there are car parks and a cycling bridge leading you towards the track via the Sava Bohinjka river.



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