Ice skating in Bohinj

Ice skating is an exciting and elegant winter activity, especially great for family time outdoors. Two pairs of sharp blades, good balance and gloves, and you’re ready to enjoy on the ice.

Winter activities in Bohinj

Last update: 1.4.2024 at 8:00

Where can you ice skate?

In recent years, skating has only been possible on artificial ice rinks in Bohinj and Bled. Unfortunately, Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled no longer freeze frequently or intensively enough. Ice-skating is not allowed on high mountain lakes.


  • Skating rink Bohinjska Bistrica (skates available for hire)
  • Ice rink at the Senožeta
  • NEW: Ice rink in Stara Fužina made of sustainable synthetic ice

Skating trip outside Bohinj

In addition to the ice-skating rinks in Bohinj, you can also explore other destinations in the Julian Alps by public transport.

With PREMIUM Julian Alps Card: Bohinj you can benefit from a free one-way or return train ticket from Bohinjska Bistrica to all stops to Nova Gorica and Ljubljana (ATTENTION! valid only for tickets purchased at Bohinjska Bistrica train station) or a 50% discount on a bus ticket from the Municipality of Bohinj to all stops on the route to Ljubljana and vice versa.



A future of skating that is also kind to our planet.

NEW: ice rink in Stara Fužina
with artificial ice

Ice rink (300 square metres) made of sustainable synthetic ice. The ice rink in Stara Fužina is not only a place for fun, but also a symbol of commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Water savings
Reduction of energy consumption
Reduced CO2 emissions
Advanced technology
Safety when walking on ice
Use of normal skates

  • Exceptional environmental savings

    The innovative skating surface contributes to the conservation of water resources by saving around 15,000 litres of water. Without the need for electricity to maintain a cool temperature, a synthetic ice rink reduces energy consumption equivalent to the needs of around 290 average households per month.

  • Reducing carbon footprint

    By using sustainable synthetic ice, you contribute to reducing
    CO2 emissions by around 7.7 tonnes, which is a big step towards a greener environment.

  • Innovation and safety

    Synthetic ice is made from high-quality materials that provide an excellent skating experience, with minimal friction and excellent grip. This type of ice is less slippery for normal walking compared to natural ice,
    which increases safety for visitors, especially children and the elderly. You can skate on synthetic ice with normal skates, which makes for a smooth and enjoyable skating experience.

Local providers

Ice rinks and rental facilities. Ice skates can be rented (or serviced) at the Bohinjska Bistrica ice skating rink during the opening hours of the Bohinj ice skating rink.

The Senožeta Ski Centre is a charming small ski resort in Srednja vas, especially suitable for families and recreational skiing.