Experience the charm of a snowy landscape with an ancient way of walking on snow. As well as a good cardiovascular workout, you’ll also take away lots of beautiful views, well-ventilated lungs and some interesting facts about the area that your guide will tell you about.

Who can snowshoe?

Snowshoeing is suitable for anyone who can walk, loves snow and nature. All you need is a pair of snowshoes, sticks and snow.

How to equip yourself?

As a general rule, equip yourself for a hike as you would for any winter walk. Warm socks (preferably those designed for skiing or hiking), warm, comfortable and lightweight shoes, and clothing adapted to the conditions are recommended. Make sure you wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

Snowshoeing with a guide

To enhance your snowshoeing experience, we recommend hiring a guide who will take you to the most beautiful corners of Bohinj and enrich your snowshoe hike with interesting information and local stories.

Snowshoeing locations

The location of the guided excursion can be tailored to your preferences and physical abilities, subject to prior agreement with the guide. The possibility of making the trip depends, of course, on the snow conditions at the desired location.

Local providers

Find a local guide or rent snowshoeing equipment. 

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Always check snow conditions

If you are snowshoeing on your own and at higher altitude, it is essential to check the weather and snow conditions before you go. In this case, all the warnings and instructions for hiking in winter conditions apply. Including a realistic assessment of your own physical ability to walk to and from your destination.