Ski touring in Bohinj

The mountains above Bohinj offer the best opportunities for ski touring in Slovenia. The ski touring season in Bohinj lasts from December to May in favourable snow conditions.
We recommend hiring an experienced guide for the full experience.

Where is the best touring skiing to be found?

Some tours are easier (Rodica, the peaks around Pokljuka, some tours on Komna) and basic skiing skills are sufficient (preferably with an experienced guide) in the right conditions, while others can be extremely demanding. In the lower Bohinj mountains, the best ski touring is from Mt Rodica.

The surroundings of the Vogel Ski Centre also offer excellent opportunities. Komna has a reputation as a paradise for touring skiing both at home and around the world, and recently touring skiers have also discovered the beautiful terrain of the Fužinarske Planine.

We recommend:

The most famous and longest ski touring option in the Julian Alps is the trail from Kanjavac to Stara Fužina, which is 15 kilometres long and has an altitude difference of 2000 metres.

When new snow falls and there is a risk of avalanches elsewhere (or for training if you are a beginner), we recommend Kobla (Bohinjska Bistrica). The slopes are accessible by car and then you can enjoy the terrain, which is free of rocks and woods.

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What do you need to know to enjoy ski touring safely?

  • Choose a tour that suits your level of knowledge and experience in ski touring
  • Choose a tour that is suitable for your current fitness level
  • Use only appropriate winter equipment and clothing
  • You need to know mountaineering skills and how to use winter equipment (ice axe, ice skis, avalanche beacon….)
  • We recommend that you know the area in which you are choosing your tour
  • Respect protected areas and care for animals

Impressions of ski touring in Bohinj


  • If you are in any doubt about any of the conditions for safe ski touring, do not go on a tour without an experienced guide
  • We recommend hiring a guide, even dor experienced touring skiers who are unfamiliar with the Bohinj mountains
  • Carefully monitor weather forecasts and avalanche risks before any venture

The hazard levels are based on the European five-point avalanche hazard scale. For more information on avalanches, see avalanches. Avalanche risk information is provided for information purposes only. They are obtained in the field from automatic meteorological stations and Triglav National Park rangers.

Be part of the mountains!

Let’s not forget that wildlife slows down in winter. To survive the winter and protect themselves from predators, animals need to adapt to harsher conditions.

Watch the video and be considerate of wildlife!

Bohinj - a ski touring paradise

Outstanding conditions for experienced touring skiers. Guided tours are also available.

Ski touring, exploring the virgin snow-covered mountain world on skis, is growing in terms of popularity and acceptance. Winter in the mountains, ski touring equipment and one’s determination are all interconnected to an endless circle of experiences offered by Bohinj in the winter time.

Written by Martin Šolar

In the winter months, when you get a view of the snow-capped mountains above Bohinj, you get the chance to experience the mountainous terrain in a completely different manner. The Julian Alps become a vast terrain packed with ski touring trails and the conditions here are simply the best. Bohinj is believed to be one of the cradles of ski touring in Slovenia and has a distinct advantage against other Alpine areas, due to its natural conditions.

The ski touring skiing season both in Bohinj and Julian Alps is fairly long, as it starts in December and finishes in April or in the following months. Ski touring is best during peak season in March and April when the snow is compact, lit by the sun and there is no avalanche danger

The mountain range vistas start off with the foothills of Mt Črna Prst, Mt Rodica and Mt Vogel – the so-called Bohinj-Tolmin mountains. But one has to be careful nevertheless, and it is best to start at Vogel, a dedicated ski slope with ski lifts operating for more than 50 years, offering a great starting point for ski touring.

Bohinj’s Mt Komna probably offers the most picturesque and diverse ski touring area in the Julian Alps. This high plateau with an altitude of around 1,500 meters is a great starting point for touring in all directions. One can choose to take the easy and short ski touring trails, (Kal, Lanževica), short and difficult ones (Podrta Gora, Mahavšček), or the remote ones, such as Krn and Kanjavec. Mt Komna has a mountain cottage open for the public year-round where one can get a proper night stay and suitable care.

The pastures of Fužina north above Lake Bohinj provide areas of mountain pastures, quiet and secret forests which turn out to be a genuine piece of heaven for ski touring. The valley behind Kopica with Zelnarica, Vogel, Debeli Vrh and Ograda. Aspiring possibilities for ski touring, amongst which Kanjevec takes the number one spot – the longest ski touring trail around here offering 15 km of trails with 2000 meters difference in altitude. One can ski all the way to Stara Fužina if conditions are suitable.

The mountain range around Bohinj ends with peaks above the Pokljuka plateau. One can get to the plateau fairly easily (there is also public transport available) and the place itself offers numerous ski touring trails amongst which the steep Mt Viševnik and the wonderful snow pyramid Mt Veliki Draški Vrh are the most popular.

There are really plenty of opportunities for ski touring in the mountains of Bohinj, and the more advanced and fit touring skiers can opt for the so-called Triglav Ski Touring Traverse – nearly all of it stretches at the mountain areas of Bohinj. The traverse starts off at Mt Vogel via Mt Komna to the Valley of the Triglav Lakes, then continues its route via Mt Hribarice all the way to Velo Polje pasture beneath Mt Triglav and only at the last part when going of from Kredarica to the Krma Valley leaves the area of mountains of Bohinj.

These difficult 3-4 days ski touring expeditions offers accommodations at mountain cottages open year-round at Mt Vogel, Mt Komna, and Kredarica.