Viewpoint Peč

At 720 metres above sea level, viewpoint Peč is a fantastic location for recreation and photography enthusiasts. You can extend your trip to hill Rudnica.

Peč viewpoint is located 50 metres below the top of peak Peč. In all seasons, it offers a beautiful and easily accessible view of the Bohinj valley with the Komna plateau, Lake Bohinj, Ribčev Laz and the surrounding peaks.

Razglednik Peč, Bohinj


The Rudnica forest peak rises right in the heart of Bohinj. The hill is accessible from almost all the villages of the Lower and Upper Bohinj valleys, and therefore offers numerous views of almost every corner of Bohinj and the mighty Julian Alps.

Rudnica is a 946-metre-high lookout hill that divides Bohinj into the Upper and Lower Bohinj valley. It can be reached in all seasons, and its height allows its summit to often rise above the mist in the valley.


Vogar is one of the most visited destinations thanks to its quick access and mountain hut. The climb up can be a single excursion or a starting point for longer hikes in the surrounding area.

At 1054 metres, Vogar is the easternmost peak of the ridge above the northern shore of Lake Bohinj. It has become a popular excursion point thanks to its magnificent views of the Upper and Lower Bohinj Valley, the lake basin and the peaks of the Bohinj-Tolmin mountains.


The Vogel is a great excursion point, reachable by cable car, with spectacular views at the top.

The Vogel ski resort and viewpoint is named after the 1923-metre-high mountain in the south-eastern part of the Julian Alps. The cable car takes you to Brown Rock, 1000 metres above Lake Bohinj, at an altitude of 1535 metres. From there you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Bohinj Basin with Lake Bohinj. You can also admire the Julian Alps and its highest peak, Triglav.

Vodnik viewpoint

Vodnik viewpoint is a great family viewpoint. With very little effort, you are rewarded with stunning views over a good part of Bohinj and the surrounding Julian Alps.

The viewpoint is named after Valentin Vodnik, a poet, linguist and enlightened man who served as a priest on Koprivnik for three years and regularly enjoyed the magnificent views from the top. This is why the locals still call the viewpoint Gospodovec.



Možic (1602 m) is one of the more famous and popular peaks above Soriška planina. The route past Lajnar passes through a comfortable mulatier with magnificent views of the Julian Alps, Škofja Loka hills, Baška Grapa and Sorica.

At the highest point of the peak, there is an old military bunker with the name of the peak and the height inscribed on it. From the top, we have a beautiful view of the Bohinj-Tolmin mountains, Triglav, part of the Karavanke mountains, Ratitovec and Porezen.

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