Bohinj chocolate tasting

Bohinj chocolate tasting

Chocolate from Bohinj? In the Bohinj chocolate shop, chocolate flirts with authentic Bohinj ingredients. Let the dark chocolate with mohant and hemp seeds surprise you.

This is only the beginning of a sweet story. In the chocolate shop, you can buy a Bohinj chocolate fairy tale as a gift or treat yourself to delicious sweet temptations – from chocolates with pollen, fudge, raspberries, strawberries or hazelnuts, to elderflowers, nettles and various herbs coated with chocolate.


Price includes VAT. Products are delivered within Slovenia.
Delivery 3-6 working days, unless otherwise stated on the product. Products are delivered within the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

The price is inclusive of VAT. You will receive event vouchers by email.


  • Booking: 2 days before arrival
  • Minimum number of persons: 4
  • Duration: 1 hour


  • 10,00 €/person

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