Horse riding in the Bohinj mountains

Horse riding in the Bohinj mountains

Half-day trip to the Uskovnica, Praprotnica and Zajamniki pastures.
The upper valley is overlooked by picturesque mountains, where cows graze in the summer months and pastoralism is still present. First, we climb to the Uskovnica pasture, then we continue through the forests of Pokljuka to Praprotnica and to the famous Zajamniki pasture, which amaze us with their magnificent views. A tour to fill your lungs and heart with fresh mountain air. By arrangement, you can also stop at the shepherd’s for refreshments and cheese delicacies.


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  • Duration: 5 hours
  • terrain: mainly macadam and paved woodland
  • Starting point: Mrcina Ranč, Studor
  • prior reservation required by phone +386 (0)41 790 297
  • the tour can be enriched with a tasting of pastoral delicacies by arrangement and at an extra charge


The trip starts at the Mrcina Ranch, from where you ascend by road to the Uskovnica mountain. On the way to the mountain, you can enjoy the view of the lower Bohinj hills and valley. When we arrive at Uskovnica, we have our first short rest stop for horses and riders, during which time they learn more about life in the Bohinj mountains from our guide. After the horses have had a drink of water, we continue our journey to the Praprotnica mountain. Riders can have a drink or a meal in the hut if they wish. A short refreshment stop is also possible on the Praprotnica pasture.
We continue to the Zajamniki pasture, where we have a longer stop of 45 minutes. It is a time for horses to rest and graze on the grass, and for riders to enjoy the beautiful views. This is the time to rest, take a short tour of the pasture or listen to the guide, who likes to talk about the mountains, mountaineering and everything that is interesting in the Bohinj environment. The conversation sometimes turns to hills, hiking tours, horses and the curiosities of life with them, and maybe even rescue operations. Robi, who will accompany you on the trail, is a member of the Bohinj Mountain Rescue Service. The history of Bohinj’s life in the mountains is also interesting, where pastoralism has not died out to this day. Zajamniki also has its own funny story about how the people from Srednja vas sold it cheap. Because of water problems on the mountain, the people of Češnjica bought it for just two loaves of cheese.
From Zajamniki, we descend on foot to Podjelje, where we regain our horses; we ride to Jereka, turn into Češnjica and return under Senožeta. Here, if you wish, you can also turn onto Senožeta. From Podjelje, it is possible to continue across the hidden and unknown plateau of Poljana, where cows graze in summer; here you have a beautiful view of the lake.

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