Melody of the forest

Melody of the forest

A forest adventure to discover the melodiousness of the trees and the mysteries of the forest.

Did you know that trees can make melody and sound and that trees talk to each other and transmit messages? Only a few masters can coax mysterious sounds out of trees. On a guided experience, you can do it too.

Melody of the Forest is an intimate, profound, yet very intense experience of the forest. Through a guided experience, you will get to know the forest in a different way, as a unique, subtle cultural landscape where you can reconnect with nature and find your own balance and relaxation at the same time. With a forest bath and meditation, you can realise how alive, loud and fragile a system the forest really is – after the human being has gone silent. The exclusive private micro-location guarantees intimacy and privacy. You will discover the resonance of individual trees and together create a harmonious forest melody. You will learn about the disappearing handicraft skills of the local environment, which makes the experience also the story of Bohinj’s living cultural heritage. Finish the experience with a forest tea, hammock rest, sound bath and natural foot reflexology by walking on the forest floor.

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How the experience works:

  • Meeting in front of the TIC Stara Fužina or directly at the parking lot on Mt pasture Vogar.
  • A presentation of the route, the experience and brief instructions on how to behave in the forest.
  • Presentation of the secret life of trees, the role of the forest, its circuit and the gifts of the forest (herbs, fruits, spruce tips, etc.).
  • Forest resonance – stop at a resonant spruce tree, explain the difference between spruce and resonant spruce wood, illustrate the sounds on a flute and create sounds by hitting the trunks of different trees.
  • Forest bath – explanation of the process and effects of the forest bath and meditation in the forest, finding suitable spots and guided execution of the forest bath.
  • Forest Tea Party – presentation of herbs and fruits picked during the trail, tea party with herbal tea, homemade spruce biscuits, forest herb spread and Bohinj apple slices. After tea, relax in the hammocks with a sound bath – playing the flute made of resonance wood.
  • Natural foot reflexology – walking on the forest floor, ending at a wooden trough where you can wash your feet.
  • Tasting of herbal drinks in the “kožarica”.


All year round




99 eur/person; for groups of more than 6 persons: 69 eur/person.

Price includes:

  • the circle of life in the forest
  • identifying resonant wood
  • demonstration of the sound of spruce and resonant spruce
  • extracting melodies from tree trunks and linking them to flute sounds
  • meditation in the forest with forest bath
  • natural reflexotherapy
  • Forest Tea Party
  • playing a resonant instrument
  • sound bath while resting in hammocks
  • a tour of the foresters’ dwelling
  • tasting of natural beverages, herbal spirits, liqueurs, herbal spread, spruce biscuits, dried Bohinj apples
  • playing a resonant instrument

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