Bohinj Tourist Association has many years of experience in tourism and preserving Bohinj’s traditions. The association wants to bring authentic active experiences closer to visitors at every step of the way through guided experiences and to create unforgettable memories in Bohinj together with them.


  • Bunches of mountain flowers are featured on knitted cardigans, caps, scarfs and blankets that can be purchased as souvenirs from Bohinj. A real Bohinj brunch can also be gift-wrapped in a bundle or a box. Women’s cardigan, cap, scarf, buffer, headband, leg warmers, gloves, socks, polo shirt, men’s cardigan, blouse, skirt “Bohinjski pušeljc” (Bohinj Bouquet) Blanket “Bohinjski pušeljc” (Bohinj Bouquet) Pillow “Bohinjski pušeljc” (Bohinj Bouquet)
  • Bohinj’s lunch (box and bundle)
  • Guided experiences
  • Tourist information

Bohinj Tourist Association

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Izdelki in storitve

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