In the Bohinj Chocolate Boutique, chocolate flirts with authentic Bohinj ingredients. Let the dark chocolate with mohant and hemp seeds surprise you. But this is just the beginning of a sweet story. In the Chocolate Shop you can buy a Bohinj chocolate fairy tale as a gift or treat yourself to delicious sweet treats – from chocolate with pollen, fudge, raspberries, strawberries or hazelnuts, to elderflowers, nettles and various chocolate-covered herbs.


  • Dark chocolate with Bohinj zaseka
  • Mohant surprise
  • Chocolate with honey and pollen
  • Little Tarragons
  • Bohinj Chocolate Fairy Tale
  • Chocolate with Bohinj chilli
  • Chocolate with character
  • The flower of the mogota

Chocolate Boutique Čokohram – Hotel Kristal

Bohinjsko / From Bohinj logo


Izdelki in storitve

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