Beekeeper Anton Zupanc has been tending bees and producing wild honey for many years, while Irma Zupanc delights with top-quality tepka and honey schnapps, mead and honey liqueur, and knits in her spare time.

The farm also offers several types of boutique beer.


  • mead (honey wine)
  • honey liqueur
  • honey schnapps
  • tepka schnapps
  • plum schnapps
  • Bohinj forest honey
  • trdinka corn flour
  • hand-knitted products made from homespun wool (gloves, socks and caps)
  • beer Čatež (sweet stout)
  • beer Lintvern (Black IPA)
  • beer Jezernik (Summer Ale)
  • beer Polesnjak (IPA – Indian Pale Ale)

Polinar Farm


Izdelki in storitve

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