Cheese workshop at the Gartner Farm

Cheese workshop at the Gartner Farm

Since 1999, the Gartner family has been processing milk into dairy products typical of Bohinj. A small cheese factory has been built to process home-milk into cheese, mohant, butter and albumin curd.


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In July and August, when the cows are grazing on the mountain in Laz, you can visit them on the mountain, where they will serve you sour milk, make you a steak, offer you homemade sausage or cook up some real Bohinj žganci. Planina Laz is located in the heart of the Triglav National Park and is one of the most beautifully preserved “living” mountains. 17 cattle and 4 pigs graze on the mountain.

To demonstrate cheese making and farm life, they have built a model of a farm cheese dairy, where you can see the process of turning milk into cheese and curd, and try your hand at cheese making.

Season for experience: March – November

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