July 28, 2021


Three times a day in Summer from Boh. Bistrica TS - Rudno Poje - Boh. Bistrica TS. Possible transfer of up to 6 bikes.


The high-altitude karst plateau of Pokljuka flanking the eastern edge of the Triglav National Park is overgrown with vast spruce forests. From time to time, forest areas are interrupted by pastures where herds of cattle graze in the summer.

This unspoilt nature attracts hikers and holidaymakers, most of them coming by car. We sincerely hope that the introduction of affordable public bus transport will help control air pollution in the sensitive alpine environment, protect its flora, reduce the noise, and avoid traffic congestion and parking issues.

Moreover, visitors using public transport have more time to observe the beauty of nature as there is also no need to return to the original starting point of their route.


On 29 July and 30 July 2021, the free Hop-On Hop-Off bus on line 7 (Pokljuka) won’t be running due to the complete closure of the state road Jereka-Bohinjska Češnjica.

There will also be no free bus running through the Upper Bohinj Valley on line 2 (Bohinjska Bistrica–Bohinjsko jezero–Bohinjska Bistrica) and no regular buses of the Arriva carrier to the Savica waterfall (via the Upper Bohinj Valley). All buses that usually run through the Upper Valley will instead run through the Lower Valley to Stara Fužina and from there according to the timetable. This applies to both directions.


On Hop-on Hop-off bus also with a bike!

Hop-on Hop-off bus enables to transfer up to 6 bikes. This option is free of charge as well.


  • Special bus line Hop-on Hop-off from Bohinj to Pokljuka
  • Runs every day in the summer season
  • Intended for tourists and local residents

Free Hop-On Hop-Off Pokljuka bus rides are one of the activities of the project “Improvement of the Conservation of Species and Habitat Types in the Triglav National Park – VrH Julijcev”. The investment is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and by the Republic of Slovenia.


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