Cross-country skiing

In optimal snow conditions, Bohinj turns into a cross-country skiing paradise. In total, there is more than 70 km of cross-country skiing trails in the Upper and Lower Bohinj valleys, Pokljuka and Soriška Planina.

Don’t miss:

  • Use of the slopes in the valley is free.
  • Routes are only groomed in suitable weather and snow conditions.
  • Equipment rental, cross-country ski school, and ski waxing and servicing are available.
  • You use the tracks at your own risk.
  • The use of the cross-country skiing trails is only possible if all the measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to control the spread of Covid-19 are complied with.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the courses are arranged for classical and skating techniques.

Cross-country skiing trails in the Upper Bohinj Valley

Last updated: 6. 3. 2023; 07:30 Parking: parking Senožeta (2 €/day) and parking Vegelj (0,5 €/h).

Which cross country ski trail or location is right for you?

The Pokljuka Family Ski Centre is a small ski resort with a variety of activities for all ages, perfect for your first turns on snow.
Soriška planina Ski Centre is a family and beginners friendly high mountain ski centre with a diverse additional offer.
The Vogel Ski Centre is a high-altitude ski resort with natural snow, outstanding views and plenty of possibilities for fantastic winter experiences.
This ski track is a good choice for beginners in the skating and classic technique because the largest part of the track runs along flat terrain with almonst no grades. It offers beautiful views over Julian Alps and our highest mountain Triglav.
Kozji hrbet is the lower part of the former Kobla Ski Centre in Bohinjska Bistrica, especially suitable for families and beginners.
The Senožeta Ski Centre is a charming small ski resort in Srednja vas, especially suitable for families and recreational skiing.
Dvokilometrski krog v neposredni bližini smučarskega centra Soriška planina je primeren tako za začetnike kot tudi za izkušenejše smučarske tekače. Proga poteka skozi pretežno smrekov gozd na planoti Jelovica.
We know the hidden corners of Bohinj. We show you what the locals know. Our team is a team of professional guides with all the required licences.
In winter, they offer Alpine skiing courses, ski equipment hire and day trips.
A wide selection of summer and winter sports activities. Ski service, ski school and sports shop, tandem paragliding.
Ski school, ski equipment rental, ski service They can be found at the Vogel Ski Centre at the upper cable car station and at the Soriška planina Ski Centre next to the ticket shop.
Tekaška proga po zasneženih travnikih Zgornje Bohinjske doline je primerna za začetnike, saj ni omembe vrednih vzponov in spustov. Uživamo lahko v pogledih na okoliške vasi in gore, ki obkrožajo dolino.

Ten rules for cross-country skiers

The FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) has issued ten rules for cross-country skiers:

  • Every cross-country skier must behave in a way that does not endanger or injure anyone.
  • Signs and warning signs must be observed, and you must ski in the direction indicated on the cross-country trails.
  • On double and multi-lane tracks, you must run on the right-hand lane. Cross-country skiers in a group must run on the right-hand lane one after the other.
  • Passing is allowed to the right or left on the clear lane or off the lane. The front runner does not have to leave the lane, but must retreat if he/she considers that he/she can do so without danger.
  • At encounters, each skier must keep to the right.
  • When passing or being passed by another skier, we need to keep our poles close to our bodies.
  • Especially on steep trails, each skier needs to adapt his/her speed and movement to the terrain, terrain conditions, traffic density and visibility. He must also maintain a sufficient safety distance to the skier in front of him. If necessary, he/she must fall on purpose, if that means avoiding a collision.
  • Anyone who stops should get off the lane. A skier who has fallen should leave the track as soon as possible.
  • Everyone has a duty to help in the event of an accident.
  • Everyone, whether an eyewitness or a person involved in an accident, must give their personal details in the event of an accident, whether they are at fault or not.

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Runs daily from 24. 12. 2022 until 31. 3. 2023 (or until cancelled) to the Vogel ski resort, Soriška planina and Pokljuka. Free for Julian Alps: Bohinj card holders and citizens.